Brajesh Verma's B.L.F. Music Launch Welcomes Altamash Faridi and Mahakshay Chakravarti!

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09 Sep 23
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Brajesh Verma's B.L.F. Music Launch Welcomes Altamash Faridi and Mahakshay Chakravarti!

Mumbai - Renowned for his soulful Sufi melodies and Western fusion tunes, singer Altamash Faridi has unveiled a new song, "In Your Streets," featuring his captivating vocals. The official launch event for two songs, "In Your Streets" and "Come Through the Back Window," took place today in Mumbai. The fusion of Altamash Faridi's mesmerizing voice with the lyrics of this song creates a harmonious blend that is bound to find a special place in listeners' hearts. The song is produced under the banner of B.L.F. Music, with Dr. Brajesh H. Verma as the producer and Ishtar Ahmad as the director. Alongside the music launch, the B.L.F. Live OTT platform was also unveiled today, attended by eminent personalities such as Dilip Sen, Altamash Faridi, Mahakshay Chakravarti, Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala, Yash Raj Faiz Ahmad, and Ravi Chopra.

During the music launch, producer Dr. Brajesh H. Verma shared his enthusiasm for the song, mentioning how the lyrics of "In Your Streets" struck a chord with him instantly. Dr. Verma, a music aficionado himself, found a profound connection with the song, and it reflects his passion for music. What sets this music apart is its soft-touch composition, which immerses the listener in a soothing musical journey from start to finish. "In Your Streets" features lyrics by Ravi Chopra and is beautifully composed by Shiva Chopra.

Altamash Faridi is a well-known name in the Bollywood singing industry, credited with several hit songs that have enchanted audiences over the years. He has collaborated with some of the most prominent music directors in the film industry. This song is now available on the B.L.F. Music YouTube channel, marking a significant milestone in Dr. Brajesh H. Verma's musical journey.

Dr. Brajesh H. Verma expressed that creating such music in today's time is a fulfilling experience, and this song will undoubtedly pave the way for a new era in his musical journey. Dr. Verma has meticulously supervised every frame, showcasing his deep commitment to the world of music. The music video features the impressive dance performances of Samir Mark and Aksha Khan, whose synchronization with the song's lyrics is impeccable, giving the impression that they had prepared extensively for this performance. Every step is a testament to their outstanding chemistry, making this song a remarkable package for the audience.

With its evocative lyrics and captivating rhythm, "In Your Streets" by Altamash Faridi is now available on the B.L.F. Music YouTube channel, promising to be a musical delight for all listeners.

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