Development or Lawlessness?

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07 Nov 23
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Dhariwal Speaks at Nomination Rally: Development or Lawlessness?

Development or Lawlessness?

Kota, My report card is right in front of you. We have transformed Kota into not just one of India's best cities but a world-class destination. Unprecedented progress has been made in every sector, and Kota is now narrating its own development story," said Minister Shanti Dhariwal, addressing a nomination rally on Monday. He didn't spare the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and posed a question, "Do you want development or lawlessness?"

Dhariwal highlighted that during his father's time, Kota was known as an industrial hub, but during BJP's rule, several industries were shut down. "We have not only restored Kota's status as a tourism hub, but we've also created jobs for thousands," he added.

He went on to criticize the BJP, stating that they have indulged in corrupt practices, while his government has freed thousands of acres of land that were under illegal occupation. Dhariwal declared, "Our government has taken strict action against those involved in illegal activities, including the former UIT chairman. They may have removed walls to avoid punishment, but they cannot escape the legal consequences of their actions."

Regarding the delayed ticket allocation, Dhariwal said, "I raised the issue of ticket allocation for my son, Amit Dhariwal, but the party chose me to contest the election. I have come here with my report card to share my achievements. I have witnessed both development and lawlessness."

Dhariwal's nomination rally saw a massive turnout of Congress workers and local residents who danced, sang, and celebrated with great enthusiasm. The rally featured a vibrant atmosphere, with people expressing their excitement for the upcoming elections. Women Congress workers also showed immense enthusiasm during the event.

The rally started in Nayapura and moved through various commercial, social, and religious organizations, captivating the crowd with firecrackers, music, and energetic presentations. The atmosphere was electrified with the presence of local political leaders, Congress officials, and a large number of Congress workers.

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