Enthusiastic Devotees Participate in Bhajan Evening at Khatushyam Temple

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25 Sep 23
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Enthusiastic Devotees Participate in Bhajan Evening at Khatushyam Temple

**Udaipur:** The Shri Khatushyam Mitra Mandal Trust organized a grand Shri Shyam Bhajan Utsav at Hotel Ambiance on 100 Feet Road. Devotees enthusiastically participated in the event, dancing to the devotional tunes of Shri Khatushyam's bhajans. The bhajan evening went on until late at night, with devotees coming from far and wide to attend.

Mr. Shyam Sundar Goyal, representing the trust, explained that during this bhajan evening, the duo of Shri Shyam Apoorva, Nizam Bhai, and Kumar Banti presented Shyam bhajans in such a captivating manner that the midnight hour passed unnoticed. Kumar Banti initiated the evening with a Ganpati Vandana followed by an hour-long presentation of Shyam Baba's bhajans. Nizam Bhai, who came from Jaipur, began with a Sufi-style Hanuman bhajan and continued for an hour, creating such a mesmerizing atmosphere that devotees started dancing and swaying. Shyam Apoorva from Jaipur performed Kirtan and presented devotional songs like "Raat Baba Aaj Thaano Aane Hai," "Morchadi Lahrai Re," and "Bhagat Ke Vash Mein Hai Bhagwan" that brought tears to the eyes of devotees. The women danced with great enthusiasm. Shyam Apoorva concluded with a congratulatory song, making the atmosphere emotionally charged. During the event, the Baba's attire was beautifully decorated, and offerings of fifty-six dishes were presented to Him. Special flower garlands, sourced from Kolkata, adorned Baba with 31 malas.


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