Rajnish Khandelwal donated plasma for the 5th time,

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31 Jul 23
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Rajnish Khandelwal  donated plasma for the 5th time,

Nursing Officer Rajnish Khandelwal has donated plasma for the 5th time, making a total of 30 donations. Kota, July. Under the service and dedication work carried out by Team Jeevandata, the work of SDP donation and blood donation is continuously ongoing. Considering the upcoming dengue season, an awareness campaign is being run, encouraging people not only to donate blood but also to donate SDP, so that people can receive SDP on time. Bhuvnesh Gupta, the coordinator of Team Jeevandata and District Blood Chairman of Lions Club, informed that the platelet count of 24-year-old Divyansh Pariik, who was admitted to a private hospital, dropped directly from one lakh to seven thousand, causing distress to his family. In the absence of the father, the mother, Preity Pariik, herself was taking care of her son. Meanwhile, at Kota's Singhania School, working medical officer Anjali Chaudhary and lecturer Krishna Gupta contacted Bhuvnesh Gupta directly with full faith in the situation. Gupta spread a help appeal message with utmost seriousness. Nursing Officer Rajnish Khandelwal, who is always dedicated to service, received the information. He was supposed to go to the hospital duty, but understanding the situation, he prioritized the humanitarian service work and immediately reached his Blood Center in Talwandi and donated SDP to save the life of an unknown person for the fifth time. He had also donated blood 25 times before this. Rajnish Khandelwal said that success is achieved with a spirit of service, and we should serve the common people selflessly. He believes that though life is busy, taking out time for humanitarian service is possible. The person who gives priority to service always remains connected to God.

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