Citizen Participation Promoted in Udaipur with Voter Awareness Program and Rally

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17 Sep 23
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Citizen Participation Promoted in Udaipur with Voter Awareness Program and Rally

*Udaipur, By the directives of the Election Commission of India for the upcoming Legislative Assembly Elections in 2023, a systematic voter education and electoral participation program, known as the Sweep Campaign, was conducted on the shores of the historic Fatehsagar Lake in Udaipur on Saturday. Under the guidance of District Election Officer Arvind Poswal, various events were organized by the Sweep Campaign, including a walkathon and a bicycle rally. These activities witnessed a significant turnout, with hundreds of students, youths, officials, and the general public participating enthusiastically.

The event commenced near Kala Kiwad, near the Fatehsagar Lake, and was inaugurated by Saloni Khemka, Chief Executive Officer of the District Council. Participants carried green flags, and as they walked and cycled, they chanted slogans such as "I am India, I Vote" and "What's my vote for, Fatehsagar calls." Local artists also used traditional folk performances to convey the importance of voting.

The walkathon and bicycle rally started from Kala Kiwad near Fatehsagar. District Council CEO Saloni Khemka waved the green flag to commence the walkathon. As participants marched, holding the national flag, the event conveyed a message of voter awareness.

District Election Officer Arvind Poswal and the District Collector addressed the youth and encouraged them to register as voters through the Voter Help Line app by October 1st, as they would be turning 18 years old soon. He emphasized that every vote is crucial in a democracy and urged all citizens to be informed and exercise their voting rights.

Additional District Collector and RO of Udaipur Legislative Assembly Constituency, Rajiv Dwivedi, also highlighted the importance of voter awareness. He appealed to the gathering to understand the voting process and to participate actively in the upcoming elections.

The event also featured a performance by renowned international tennis ball cricket player and Udaipur's district icon Kuldeepsingh Rao, who encouraged the youth and their families to ensure their names are on the voter list and to cast their votes on polling day.

The program aimed to educate citizens about the importance of participating in the democratic process and using their votes wisely. It also showcased Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) machines, with the sweep team providing demonstrations to attendees.

Overall, the event successfully promoted voter awareness and participation in Udaipur, underlining the significance of every vote in a democracy.

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