The First Day of Paryushana Parva Celebrated as Ahimsa Day

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12 Sep 23
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The First Day of Paryushana Parva Celebrated as Ahimsa Day

Udaipur: The auspicious Paryushana Parva, organized by Shri Vardhaman Sthanakvasi Jain Shraman Sangh, commenced under the guidance of Shraman Sanghiya Pravartak Sukhamuni Maharaj at the Panchayati Nohara in Sindhi Bazaar. The first day of Paryushana Parva was celebrated as Ahimsa Day.

Chaturmas Coordinator Advocate Roshan Lal Jain informed that various religious and auspicious events marked the first day of the Paryushana Parva. Hundreds of community members participated, and spiritual benefits were bestowed upon them. Munishree Varun Ji initiated the recitation of the Antagad Mahagranth Sutra, which will be recited daily during the eight days of Paryushana Parva starting at 8:30 AM.

On the first day of Paryushana Parva, Munishree Sukun Maharaj, while emphasizing this festival's significance, mentioned that it occurs once a year and provides an opportunity for followers to distance themselves from worldly affairs and focus on religious observances. He described how Paryushana Parva shows the path to spiritual well-being and self-realization. The Antagad Mahagranth Sutra contains the teachings of Lord Mahavir, which, when heard and practiced with devotion, lead to salvation. Jainism places great importance on Ahimsa (non-violence), the foundation of their religion. Munishree Sukun Maharaj explained the various forms of violence and non-violence and emphasized that not committing harm is Ahimsa.

He also emphasized the importance of purifying the soul by observing Paryushana Parva for eight days. The festival cleanses oneself from the karmas (actions) that bind the soul. All saints encouraged the followers to immerse themselves in spirituality during the eight days of Paryushana Parva, practice non-violence, renounce all passions, and cultivate compassion within themselves. In doing so, they believe individuals can tread the path of self-realization and spiritual growth.

Paryushana Parva is not just a festival; it is a spiritual congregation that lasts for eight days, allowing followers to engage in religious practices. All the saints inspired the followers to ardently observe the festival, to renounce their passions, live with compassion in their hearts, and dedicate themselves to the worship of the religion. In this lies the path to self-realization and spiritual well-being.

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