BJP will lose the series of five matches 0-5: Pramod Tiwari.

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19 Nov 23
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 BJP will lose the series of five matches 0-5: Pramod Tiwari.

. Rajya Sabha Deputy Leader and Member of Parliament Pramod Tiwari spoke during his visit to Udaipur on Saturday. On this occasion, addressing the press, he said that while the Congress in Rajasthan is working to enhance respect and dignity, and is working for every section of the poor and society, the BJP, on the other hand, is creating an atmosphere of hatred.

Tiwari mentioned that while leaders of the Congress, including Rahul, Priyanka, and Ashok Gehlot, who have worked in the last five years and are contesting in the upcoming elections, are talking about their achievements, the BJP is engaging in negative campaigning and resorting to offensive language. Whether it's the Prime Minister, the Home Minister, or the top leaders, they are not discussing their accomplishments but are rather disparaging the progress, pride, and development of Rajasthan and spreading lies against the Congress.

Tiwari stated that the Congress government in Rajasthan is committed to contributing to the upliftment of every citizen and their comprehensive development. The Gehlot government has established new colleges in every development block, making higher education easily accessible to rural students. Not only that, the state government has initiated the establishment of 3600 English-medium schools to provide free English education to underprivileged rural children, while the previous BJP government had closed down more than 10,000 schools.

He further mentioned that the state government is ensuring the provision of laptops, tablets, etc., to students entering government colleges in the future, fulfilling the dream of Digital Youth India of the 21st century envisioned by the late Rajiv Gandhi.

Challenging the Bharatiya Janata Party, Tiwari said that the BJP should name any state other than Rajasthan where the BJP's government is providing free medical insurance up to ₹25 lakh to every resident. Along with this, under the Disaster Relief Insurance Guarantee Scheme, the Gehlot government has promised to provide free insurance relief up to ₹15 lakh.

Tiwari highlighted that Ujjwala beneficiary households in Rajasthan are obtaining gas cylinders for ₹500. He emphasized that Rajasthan is the only state where, in the future, under the ₹500 gas cylinder scheme, gas cylinders will be provided to 1.04 crore families for ₹500.

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