Workshop on Graphic Designing in VIFT: 

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26 Aug 23
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Workshop on Graphic Designing in VIFT: 

Udaipur. A digital demand marks the present era. The number of internet users is consistently increasing. Recognizing the demand of the youth segment in VIFT, a two-day workshop on graphic designing and digital education was organized in collaboration with Erith Animation. Designing experts Robin Khaitan, Pawan Garg, digital media specialist Devrishi Mehta, and digital marketing expert Sarvesh Pancholi emphasized on embracing the latest trends and innovations through regular updates.

Chairperson of the Association, Ashish Agrawal, stated that in recent years, there has been an increasing demand for both local national, and international levels in digital marketing and graphic designing. VIFT organizes workshops from time to time to guide students and the youth on career paths. Graphic designing expert Robin Khaitan conveyed to participants that a few years ago, the need for designers was mostly in big companies, but today, every institution, big or small, requires designers, and they are offered attractive packages. He discussed the reasons behind creating new designs and their success.

Renowned digital media expert, Sarvesh Pancholi, explained that individuals interested in building a career in this field need to first understand digital mediums. Not all mediums available on social media or digital platforms are useful for everyone. One has to choose the right platform based on their skills and abilities. Adapting to ongoing updates in these fields is essential. Learning and applying the new innovations as they come will undoubtedly result in substantial income.

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