Udaipur Students Deliver Powerful Messages through Two Theatrical Productions"

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06 Nov 23
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Udaipur Students Deliver Powerful Messages through Two Theatrical Productions"

*Udaipur, - Students of Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences, Udaipur, showcased their talents and conveyed important messages through two impactful theatrical productions, 'Marghat Bana Panghat' and 'Maa Mujhe Mat Chhodo.'

In the first play, 'Marghat Bana Panghat,' the students highlighted the issue of the neglect of traditional wells after the arrival of piped water. The play depicted how wells, once a lifeline for the community, are now being left unused, often turning into dumping grounds. However, when there's a water shortage, people remember the value of these wells and work together to revive them, bringing back their importance. The play draws a parallel to the ongoing efforts in Mumbai to restore 180 ancient wells, emphasizing the need to preserve and maintain our traditional water sources.

The second play, 'Maa Mujhe Mat Chhodo,' revolved around a young boy who gets addicted to drugs during a rave party, becoming oblivious to his mother's repeated phone calls. Tragically, his friend brings his mother's lifeless body to the party. Witnessing this, the boy screams and pleads his mother not to leave him, vowing to overcome his addiction. Both plays were brought to life by the students, conveying crucial messages.

Dr. P.C. Jain, the renowned 'Jalmitra,' organized the event, and the gratitude was expressed by Principal Dr. Suresh Goyal. The program was also attended by Medical Superintendent Dr. Chanda Mathur, who appreciated the students' efforts in raising awareness about water conservation and the perils of drug addiction.

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