Heart attack and failure in youth is a matter of concern: Dr Khandelwal

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26 May 23
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Heart attack and failure in youth is a matter of concern: Dr Khandelwal

Udaipur | Common people are not severe about heart disease; they take advice from the doctor when the problem increases. Due to the modern lifestyle and poor diet, heart diseases are increasing along with other conditions. The heart can be kept healthy by adopting a balanced lifestyle.
Cardiologists expressed this opinion in a seminar under the joint aegis of Heart and Rhythm Society, API Chapter and Paras Health Udaipur under the leadership of Chairman Dr Amit Khandelwal.
 More than 150 experts and doctors from across the country participated in the Cardio Vascular Metabolic Symposium at Lakecity to discuss the increasing number of heart patients, heart disease and its treatment, options and innovations. 
Organizing Chairman Dr Khandelwal said that it is a matter of concern that heart disease is now affecting young people and children.
 Keynote speakers Dr Arun Kochhar, Dr Piyush Jain, Dr G.L. Sharma, Dr Piyush Mathur, Dr S.K. Kaushik, Dr Jai Chordia and Dr Sanjay Gandhi shared experiences in research and ideas. 
On how to reduce bleeding in older patients in atrial fibrillation cases, Dr Arun Kochhar said that our heart works continuously without stopping. We should take care of it. The seminar started with a question-answer session based on this topic.
On the use of the latest stents and state-of-the-art medicated and soluble stents in complex angioplasty, Dr Amit said that these stents should be made familiar so that every patient is benefited from them. 
A panel discussion was held on the current heart failure status in which Dr Amit Khandelwal was the moderator. In cases of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction, Dr G.L. Sharma said that in case of heart failure, patients and relatives get very scared, but now its diagnosis is possible.
Dr Piyush Jain talks about the consequences of non-statin lipid-lowering drugs in cardiovascular. The event was inaugurated by the President of the API Chapter, Dr B.S. Bamb 
in the end, Dr Vikram Singh Chauhan, Director of Paras Health, expressed gratitude.

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