Vaishali Gore Awarded Ph.D.

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09 Aug 23
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Vaishali Gore Awarded Ph.D.

Sir Padampat Singhania University, renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, has bestowed the coveted doctoral degree upon researcher Vaishali Gore for her groundbreaking work titled "Comparative Analysis of Cosmic Structures in Some Parallel Universes." Under the guidance of her esteemed advisors, Dr. Devendra Singh Chauhan (Major Advisor) and Dr. Arvind Sharma (Co-Advisor) from the Department of Mathematics, Ms. Gore has completed her research journey.

Throughout her research endeavor, Ms. Gore participated in numerous national and international conferences, presenting her research findings and contributing to the discourse on advanced cosmological studies. Her scholarly contributions have also been published in prestigious journals, further solidifying her place as a dedicated researcher in the field.

Ms. Gore's study focuses on delving into the intricate aspects of space's formation, structure, expansion, and behavior across various parallel universes. Her work promises to play a pivotal role in enhancing our understanding of the cosmos and its multifaceted nature.

Ms. Vaishali Gore's accomplishment reflects her dedication and passion for scientific exploration and highlights Padampat Singhania University's commitment to fostering innovative research and nurturing exceptional talent. Her achievements will undoubtedly contribute to the advancement of cosmology and expand the horizons of human knowledge.

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