Journey of Remembrance: The Sacred Gathering of Panchasthia Chhand

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23 Jul 23
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Journey of Remembrance: The Sacred Gathering of Panchasthia Chhand

In the divine realm where the name of God resonated with boundless power, a grand congregation of Jain devotees gathered under the guidance of revered saints. Among them were Pravartak Sukhan Muni, the initiator of the spiritual event, along with Up-Pravartak Amrit Muni, Mahesh Muni, Akhilesh Muni, and Dr. Varun Muni. Their presence bestowed an aura of serenity upon the auspicious gathering.

The focal point of the gathering was the chanting of the sacred "Panchasthia Chhand," a unique form of recitation practiced by the Jain community. More than 400 devoted souls took part in this uplifting ceremony, seeking to connect with the divine and attain inner tranquility.

Pravartak Sukhan Muni elucidated the significance of remembrance, which entailed becoming one with the Almighty. When reciting the name of the Supreme Lord, the mind should remain unwavering and undistracted, unaffected by the sway of emotions or circumstances. This steadfast remembrance served as a conduit to reach the Divine within.

Some questioned the necessity of name recitation when one already had deep meditation upon the Divine. Pravartak Sukhan Muni explained that the remembrance of the Lord's name strengthens the connection with the Divine and dissolves the ego, thereby fostering a stronger bond with the Ultimate. It acts as a shield against adversity and paves the way for spiritual elevation.

Up-Pravartak Amrit Muni emphasized the continuity of remembrance, regardless of joy or sorrow, in times of distress or ease, during moments of rest or action. Whether walking, talking, working, eating, or even sleeping, the name should never be forgotten.

Mahesh Muni, Akhilesh Muni, Dr. Varun Muni, and the venerable Harsha Prabha also emphasized the profound impact of recalling the Tirthankar's name. Through this sacred practice, one could attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death, find peace amid turbulent thoughts, and cleanse themselves of accumulated sins and flaws.

The congregation's leader, Roshan Lal Jain, highlighted the transformative effects of the Panchasthia Chhand chanting on devoted families. Suresh Nagori, the president of the assembly, praised how the saints' residence in Udaipur had positively impacted the city's inhabitants. The daily sermons inspired a change in their lives, and many embraced various austerities to enhance their spiritual growth.

And so, the spiritual gathering culminated with the recitation of Shanti Dharan, an auspicious hymn led by Dr. Varun Muni. Its soothing verses brought forth a sense of tranquility and harmony among the attendees, instilling in them a renewed determination to walk the path of righteousness.

The Panchasthia Chhand Anushthan was not just a ceremonial event; it was a journey of the soul towards its eternal connection with the Divine. Through remembrance and devotion, the seekers aspired to transcend the earthly limitations and reach a state of sublime enlightenment, embracing the eternal truth that lay within the name of the Supreme Lord. And as the sun set over the horizon, a deep sense of peace and spiritual upliftment settled within every heart that was present in that blessed congregation.

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