Daily practicing yoga will keep you charged for your entire life

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23 Aug 23
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Daily practicing yoga will keep you charged for your entire life

A five-day mindfulness meditation and yoga practice camp commenced in the Town Hall Ground.
Udaipur, August 22. Renowned philosopher Saint Shri ChandraPrabhakar Ji Maharaj stated that yoga is the art of living life. To make ourselves healthier, more vibrant, and energetic, yoga is an excellent practice. Yoga doesn't belong to any religion or tradition; it's a science—a science of well-being, a science of youthfulness, a science that connects the body, mind, and soul. Those who want to live a disease-free life should make yoga a daily habit. Through yoga, we will attain benefits in the forms of health, joy, and energy awakening. If we love our physical health, we should do yoga postures every day; if we love our breath, we should practice pranayama; if we love our soul, we should meditate; and if we love the divine, we should engage in devotion and surrender.

Saint ChandraPrabhakar inaugurated a five-day mindfulness meditation and yoga practice camp on Tuesday at the Town Hall Ground, addressing thousands of practitioner brothers and sisters. He said that the first happiness is a healthy body. It's essential for us to stay healthy and energetic in every circumstance. For this, we need to focus on five aspects: 1. Proper balanced diet, 2. Proper balanced exercise, 3. Proper balanced breathing exercises (pranayama), 4. Proper balanced meditation, and 5. Proper balanced rest. He emphasized that we should engage in activities like walking, morning strolls, swimming, gym workouts, sports, aerobics, and yoga for balanced exercise. If we dedicate 20 to 30 minutes daily to yoga postures, it will lay the foundation for rejuvenation. While practicing yoga doesn't make one immune to illnesses, it reduces the risk of diseases by 90 percent compared to others. Yoga enhances our immune system. It hands us the key to good health. Yoga makes us the proprietors of an active and energetic lifestyle. In principle, yoga's importance is only 5 percent, but in practice, it's 95 percent.

He mentioned that there are three phases to complete health—physical, mental, and spiritual. Yoga initiates the attainment of all types of health. Even a 30-minute yoga practice performed by us will function as the most energizing tonic if taken every morning. It can enrich people of any age, students, women, and men alike. Allocate a minute for each pose. Repeat each pose one to three times. If an asana feels challenging, it can be skipped while practicing. There's no harm in doing one pose less or more. Practicing asanas during the serene, clean, and breezy environment at sunrise is the best.

During this event, Saint ChandraPrabhakar guided practitioners through therapy, subtle exercises, yoga postures, pranayama, and Om meditation.

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