"Consequences of Criticizing a Guru"

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04 Jul 23
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"Consequences of Criticizing a Guru"

, Bhilwara, during the occasion of Guru Purnima, Sadhvi Pritisudha, an eminent speaker, addressing the devotees in the Ahimsa Bhavan, said that a person's life could become great by utilizing the knowledge imparted by the guru and by abandoning arrogance in their conduct and behaviour. Only by acquiring education in the right manner and applying it correctly in life can an individual enhance their reputation in the world. Only the guru can show the path from ignorance to knowledge, as they never lead their disciples astray. If anyone can show the path to liberation in this world, it is only through the guru.

Sadhvi Sanyamsudha, during the religious congregation, stated that no one can repay the guru for their blessings and favours. Just as a stone can be transformed into a diamond, only the guru has the power to transform an individual. Ashok Pokharna, the chief guide of Ahimsa Bhavan, explained that during the religious gathering, Lakshman Singh Babel (President of the Shri Sangh), Hemant Anchaliya (Social Activist), Sardar Singh Kavadia, Kusalsingh Buliya, Shantilal Kankaria, Omprakash Sisodia, Anil Lodha, Rajendra Chipad, Hastimal Bhalavat, along with Chandan Bala Women's President Nita Babel, Rajni Singhvi, Sunita Jhamad, Manju Bafna, Sanjulata Babel, Laad Ji Mehta, and former President Manju Pokharna, expressed their views. During the religious congregation, hundreds of brothers and sisters observed two fasts as part of their penance. Devyani Singh, a disciple, took a vow of seven fasts from Mahasati Umarav Kanwar. Sangh Minister Rikhachand Pipara conducted the religious congregation.

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