Guru: The Path to Wisdom

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04 Jul 23
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"The Significance of Guru in Acquiring True and Eternal Knowledge"

Guru: The Path to Wisdom

: The Guru Purnima celebration took place in the serene ambiance of Rup Rajat Vihar, under the presence of revered Mahasadhvi Induprabhaji M.S. The spiritual discourse was delivered by Dr. Darshan Prabhaji M.S., highlighting the indispensability of a guru in one's life. The traditional gurukul system has transformed into modern schooling, leading to a lack of proper guidance and resulting in laziness and complacency among children. Despite the bitter teachings of a true guru, they are essential for our spiritual well-being. The event also featured inspiring speeches by various spiritual leaders, emphasizing the importance of reverence and devotion towards the guru.

The gathering witnessed chanting, fasting, and discussions, promoting self-realization and the welfare of devotees. The article also mentions the daily recitation of mantras and the importance of maintaining a pure mind according to the supreme command of Lord Mahavir.

The participants were encouraged to follow the principles of sacrifice and tapasya, emphasising women's involvement during the auspicious Chaturmas period. Additionally, the article announces the daily chanting of Ghantakarna Mahavir's mantra and the recitation of the Navkar Mahamantra during the Chaturmas. The activities were organized under the guidance of Shri Arhant Vikas Samiti and witnessed active participation from the community.

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