Ascetics' Devotion: Extra Month Celebrations

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24 Jul 23
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Ascetics' Devotion: Extra Month Celebrations

"In the presence of Sadhvi Priti Sudha, a celebration was held at Shastri Nagar, Bhilwara, on 4th July. The event honored the ascetics and their devoted service during the extra month, known as 'Adhik Maas.'

On the auspicious day, Sadhvi Priti Sudha offered her approval to the austerities performed by the tapasvis (ascetics) in a religious gathering held at Ahimsa Bhavan. She emphasized that tapasya (austerities) is not merely about fasting but a transformative workshop for refining one's character and purifying the self. It involves cleansing the soul from impurities and gaining control over human desires. Tapasya leads to the accumulation of red particles in the body, symbolizing a positive chemical change that occurs during this spiritual practice.

The upcoming event, scheduled on 12th August 2023, at Goshala (cow shelter), will witness Shri Vishal Bawa's visit to Priya Ji's Goshala to inspect the arrangements for the occasion titled 'Gayan So Rati Gokul So Rati.'

In the revered precincts of the Pushtimargiya Pradhan Peeth, the Haweli of Lord Shreenathji, Shri Vishal Bawa, accompanied by Shri Indradaman Ji Maharaj (Shri Rakesh Ji) and Shri Vishal Ji (Shri Bhupesh Kumar Ji), arrived on Tuesday, 18th July 2023. During the visit, they offered their respects and devotion to Lord Shreenathji and Lal Prabhu, seeking their blessings for the upcoming Tapasya during the extra month.

In a spiritual ceremony, 'Sahiban Ki Mandal,' the idols of Lord Shreenathji and Lal Prabhu were adorned with flowers, and Aarti (devotional hymn) was performed by Shri Vishal Bawa with great devotion.

During the evening Bhog Aarti, Shri Vishal Bawa joyously performed the 'Kesar Phool Binat Radha Pyari' ritual, swinging Lord Madan Mohan Lal Prabhu in a floral swing at Kamal Chowk, followed by the Aarti.

The forthcoming event 'Gayan So Rati Gokul So Rati' on 12th August 2023, at Goshala, will witness Shri Vishal Bawa's visit to Priya Ji's Goshala for inspection and guidance to the service personnel.

This sacred gathering at the Haveli of Lord Shreenathji witnessed the participation of various dignitaries, including Shri Sudhakar Shastri, Deputy Chief Officer, Shri Anil Sanadhy, Assistant Chief Officer, Shri Sameer Chaudhary, Member of the Temple Committee, Shri Leeladhar Purohit, Secretary of Tilakayat, Shri Vaishnav Anjan Shah, Shri Umang Mehta, Shri Gireesh Vyasa, Rajeshwar Tripathi, Pandya Ji Parshnagar, Veerendra Gurjar, Harsh Sanadhy, Vijay Gurjar, Bhavesh Sanadhy, Kailash Paliwal, Khavas Kamal Sanadhy, and others who paid their respects and congratulated the tapasvis for their dedication and commitment."

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