Lord Dwarkadhish Adorned in Gocharan

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10 Aug 23
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Lord Dwarkadhish Adorned in Gocharan

In the procession of fulfilling the wishes of Gocharan, Lord Dwarkadhish (Lord Krishna) is resplendent. In the sequence of the ongoing Gocharan festival under the auspices of Shri Pushtimargiya Third Seat, on Tuesday, as part of the Adhik Purushottam month, Lord Dwarkadhish was adorned and presented in the Dwarkadhish Temple. On this occasion, under the guidance of the Third Seat Acharya, Goswami Dr. Vagish Kumar Maharaj, the adorned image of Lord Dwarkadhish was beautifully adorned with a duranga (multicolored) headpiece, Chandra kala (moon-shaped ornament), duranga kacha (colored loincloth), vaisa mala (garland of malas), heera panna (diamond and emerald jewelry), and Kesari thade (saffron-colored scarf).

Following this, during the Rajbhog darshan (viewing of grand feast offering), Lord Dwarkadhish was presented in a silver bungalow. In the evening, during the Bhog Aarti darshan, Lord Dwarkadhish adorned the Ratna Chawk Square in front of the temple, beautifully decorated to enhance the surroundings attractively. Cows were also adorned in front of the Lord, and young calves from the cowshed came to play before the Lord during the entire viewing, entertaining Him. On this occasion, the Aarti for Lord Dwarkadhish was performed by Third Seat Kanakroli Yuvaraj Siddhant Kumar Goswami.

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