"Honoring Drivers on Driver's Day: A Focus on Road Safety and First Aid"

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17 Sep 23
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"Honoring Drivers on Driver's Day: A Focus on Road Safety and First Aid"

*Badmer, - On the occasion of Driver's Day, the Vedanta Care, Learn It, and Jio BP jointly organized a one-day training session on road safety and basic first aid for heavy vehicle drivers in Badmer. The training, led by instructor Mr. Sanjay Acharya, emphasized the importance of paying attention to minor details while driving, as it can prevent major accidents and save lives.

Mr. Acharya provided comprehensive insights into road safety, stressing that by being mindful of small things while operating vehicles, we can avoid major mishaps. He emphasized the need for everyone to be aware of this and to incorporate it into their driving practices.

During the session, Mr. Asaram, an instructor from Learn It, provided an extensive overview of the primary healthcare system during road accidents. He explained that immediate and effective assistance during accidents can significantly reduce casualties. 

Mr. Bhuraram from the District Transport Department mentioned that Driver's Day is a day of pride and honor for all drivers. He underlined the importance of the knowledge shared during the event and encouraged all drivers to follow road safety rules and regulations diligently.

As part of the program, 60 heavy vehicle drivers from Badmer district received training and were honored for their contributions. All participants pledged to abide by road safety rules and regulations in their daily driving routines.

In the closing remarks, Center Director Madanlal Pawar expressed gratitude to all attendees. The event was efficiently managed by coordinator Karan Choudhary. Throughout the program, participants, including Ganesh Kumar, Damaram, Manohar Lal, Kaluram, Bhavarsingh, and Giridhar Singh, were present and engaged actively.

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