Jain Samaj will develop a Jainology building on the Sukhadia University campus

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23 May 23
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Jain Samaj will develop a Jainology building on the Sukhadia University campus

Prakrit language and Jainology building will be constructed on 30000 square feet of land on behalf of Jain Samaj in the Sukhadia University campus. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot will lay its foundation stone in the company of Acharya Vardhaman Sagar Maharaj on May 22. The building will be three stories. Along with this, a hostel will also be built. 
Founder member and president of Digambar Jain Global Mahasabha, Jamnalal Hapavat, said a museum will also be constructed here in the building. Inscriptions related to Jainism, construction of Kirti Stambh, scriptures of Jain society, etc., will be kept. At the same time, a gallery of the sacrifices of Jainism will also be made. On the other hand, the birth centenary year of Acharya Shantisagar Maharaj will be celebrated this year. To commemorate this, there will be a Kirti Stambh in the name of Shanti Sagar Maharaj.
Ritual to make Panchakalyanak stone divine
During the press conference, Acharya Vardhaman Sagar Maharaj and Hitendra Sagar Maharaj gave detailed Information regarding Panch Kalyan Mahotsav. Acharya said that the name of the ritual to make the stone divine is Panchkalyan. In Panchkalyan, Panch means 5 numbers, and Kalyan means special worship by the gods of all four bodies, which soul is about to attain the post of Tirthankar. The importance of his Tirthankara name Karma Prakriti is that to be worshiped by the deities is to tell the singularity apart from the worldly soul. Acharya said that when the Tirthakar child was born, even the seat of Sodharma Indra was shaken. 12:30 crore musical instruments are played as soon as they are born.
Panchkalyanak will be held from 21 to 25, and there will be many rituals
Panch Kalyan Mahotsav will be celebrated from the 21st to the 25th of May at Adinath Jain Mandir Jinalaya in Sector 11. The association of Acharya Vardhman Sagar Maharaj Sangh will be obtained for this. Various religious rituals will be performed for 5 days under the guidance of Acharya. 
On this occasion, Trust President Roshanlal Gadavat, Treasurer Mohanlal Veerdavat, Honorary President Shantilal Velawat, Chief Coordinator Bhanwarlal Mundalia, General Secretary Dr. Rajesh Devda, Suresh Vakharia, Working President Pramod Chaudhary, Ashok Shah, Jamnalal Hapavat, etc. were present.

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