Conclusion of Four-Day Event Management Training at CCS and MPUAT

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20 Sep 23
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Successful Program Culminates Through Well-Planned Strategies and Designs

Conclusion of Four-Day Event Management Training at CCS and MPUAT

CCS and MPUAT undergraduate students concluded a comprehensive four-day training program titled "Event Management - A Practical Domain of Entrepreneurship" today. Dr. Meenu Srivastava, the College Administrator, inaugurated the program, emphasizing the commitment to prepare students for success as emerging entrepreneurs in the ever-changing landscape of the industry. She stated that this event, as a testament to the increasing capacity of event management as a entrepreneurial domain, benefited from the guidance of experts from various parts of the country.

Dr. Suman Singh, Emeritus Professor at ICAR, provided insights into the objectives of the program, which focused on a wide range of curriculum elements such as event planning, marketing, logistics, and execution. Program Secretary Dr. Hemu Rathore introduced the speakers and explained that they would share their insights and best practices with the student participants while engaging in practical exercises that would provide them with real-world experience in event management.

Various domain experts participated in the program, where on the first day, Dr. Heena K. Bijli, Professor at the School of Continuing Education, IGNOU, highlighted how the profession of event management is emerging as a vibrant and necessary industry in the age of dynamic social trends, increasing consumer expectations, and memorable experiences. Gone are the days when programs were merely convened; today, they are meticulously prepared experiences that leave a lasting impact on the attendees.

Dr. Diksha Dave, Assistant Professor, School of Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Studies, IGNOU, stressed the importance of continuous program management. She also revealed that environmentally-conscious events not only reduce the impact on the environment but can also be used to promote green initiatives.

On the third day, Dr. Ratna Kumari Devarapalli, Professor and Dean (Retd.), Community Science, PJTSAU, discussed the significance of structuring well-organized and comprehensive program plans that include objectives, budgets, venue selection, design and decor, promotion, and evaluation, among other key elements.

Dr. Rupa Rao, Associate Professor and HoD, College of Home Science, Nirmala Niketan University of Mumbai, shed light on the dynamic field of event marketing strategies. She emphasized the importance of using various mediums to attract participants and discussed how event marketing techniques incorporate creativity and innovation to host successful programs.

On the fourth day, Dr. Archana Bhatnagar, Professor and HOD (Retd.), SNDT Women's University, Mumbai, shared insights into the abundant career opportunities within event management. She also discussed various types of events and their integration, touching upon topics like technology, sustainability, personalization, security, crisis management, and cultural sensitivity.

The training program provided students with a deep understanding of event management, covering a wide array of topics, including technology, stability, customization, security, crisis management, and cultural awareness. It equipped them with the tools and knowledge needed to excel as event managers in the real world.

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