MPUAT: Grand Welcome for Femina Miss India World 2023, Nandita Gupta

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20 Sep 23
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MPUAT: Grand Welcome for Femina Miss India World 2023, Nandita Gupta

Udaipur - Femina Miss India World 2023, Nandita Gupta, urged young individuals to embrace challenges that come their way on the path to success. She emphasized that facing challenges head-on is the key to success, whether one succeeds immediately or not. In fact, failures often provide valuable learning opportunities that eventually lead to achieving one's goals.

Nandita, adorned with the "Crown of Beauty," was addressing the inaugural session of a five-day Skill Development Program held at the Dairy and Food College Auditorium on Wednesday. The Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, Government of India, has approved Rs 50 lakhs for five entrepreneurial skill development programs. The program inaugurated at Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur, focuses on "Custard Apple Production and Processing."

The auditorium was filled with participants from across the region, along with students, professors, and trainers in the field of dairy science. Nandita urged young participants to ensure that the benefits of their endeavors reach the underprivileged sections of society, emphasizing that our minds should be as beautiful as our appearances.

She also emphasized the importance of self-confidence for young people and suggested that they should believe in themselves first. She encouraged them to engage in activities such as meditation, dance, and study to maintain their well-being.

Dr. Ajit Kumar Karnatak, the Vice-Chancellor of MPUAT, highlighted the significance of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) as the backbone of the Indian economy. He mentioned that these enterprises are crucial in providing employment opportunities to 90% of the population in rural and economically disadvantaged areas. They contribute 6.1% to the country's GDP, 24.2% in the service sector, and 40% in exports.

Dr. Karnatak also mentioned the abundance of custard apples in the region, which has been used traditionally by the indigenous communities. Custard apple has multiple applications, such as renewable energy, clean milk products, bakery products, and more. Research is ongoing to extend the shelf life of custard apples.

Dr. Lokesha Gupta, the College Principal, explained that the college offers training in various units. Several skill development programs have been organized in the past, involving not only students but also entrepreneurs. These programs provide hands-on training to enhance technical skills.

Dr. Nikita Vadhwani, the Coordinator of the Skill Development Program, expressed her hope that Miss Femina India 2023, Nandita Gupta, would inspire the youth to participate in the program with enthusiasm, fostering innovation and determination.

The program at MPUAT aims to focus on the production and processing of custard apples and its potential for entrepreneurial ventures.

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