"Fresher's Day 'Nexus 2023': A Grand Celebration

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18 Aug 23
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"Fresher's Day 'Nexus 2023': A Grand Celebration

Geetanjali College and School of Nursing campus was excited as the institution hosted a spectacular event, "Fresher's Day Nexus 2023," to extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome to the incoming batch of students. The program was graced by esteemed dignitaries, including Mr. Mayur Raval, Registrar of Geetanjali University, Mr. Bhupendra Jain, Joint Registrar of Geetanjali University, Dr. Rajiv Pandya from Geetanjali Hospital, and Mr. Vijendra Singh, Nursing Superintendent at Geetanjali Hospital. Dr. Vijaya Ajmera, Dean of Geetanjali College and School of Nursing, Principal Mr. Yogeshwar Puri Goswami, and Mr. Dinesh Kumar Sharma were present.


The event resonated with encouragement and motivation for the newcomers embarking on their nursing journey. The dignitaries shared their insights and experiences, underlining the significance of nursing as a profession and inspiring the students to contribute to the field's advancement.

Highlighting the excitement of 2023, the ceremony introduced the winners of the prestigious titles of Mr. and Miss Fresher. In the B.Sc. Nursing category, Mr. Ayush Dave and Miss Tanu Chauhan were crowned as the Fresher King and Queen, while in the GNM category, Mr. Shivam Mali and Miss Divya Joshi claimed the titles.

The event's seamless organization and execution were attributed to the second-year B.Sc. Nursing and GNM students, who played a pivotal role in making the celebration a memorable one. The atmosphere was electric, brimming with camaraderie, talent showcases, and heartwarming interactions.

"Fresher's Day Nexus 2023" not only marked the induction of new students into the nursing family but also heralded the promise of a bright future in the healthcare domain. The event culminated with a resounding message of unity, growth, and success for all aspiring nurses, setting the tone for their remarkable journey ahead.

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