GMCH :Dr. Rajiv Pandya dedicates his new album "Darshan Dejo Re"

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14 Oct 23
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GMCH :Dr. Rajiv Pandya dedicates his new album "Darshan Dejo Re"


Navratri, the celebration of devotion and strength, is now underway. Devotees are immersed in various forms of worship, honoring Mother Bhagwati during this auspicious festival. With the arrival of Maa Navadurga, the entire market is adorned with vibrant positivity. The chants of "Ambe Jai Jai Ambe" echo all around, and preparations for Garba dance are in full swing.

In the current era, where Western culture influences the younger generation, leading them to gradually forget their rich heritage, some individuals are sowing the seeds of tradition and spirituality alongside their corporate lives. Dr. Rajiv Pandya, the Chief Administrator of Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital, is one such talent. He contributes to the realm of devotion and spirituality, leaving a profound impact on people's hearts.

Taking a step towards honoring Goddess Durga during the first Navratri of the year, Dr. Pandya has prepared an album titled "Darshan Dejo Re" in the Gujarati language, which encapsulates the essence of Garba dance. 

It's worth noting that Dr. Pandya is not only a skilled Human Resources manager but also a YouTuber. His melodious voice narrates numerous spiritually inclined videos. Dr. Pandya believes that when one integrates spirituality into their professional or personal life, success starts to trail them. It infuses a new energy into human life. The present generation lacks this awareness, which is what Dr. Pandya, through his music, aims to inspire in the generations to come. 

He is determined to lead them on the path of spirituality and upliftment through his music. In the world of change, Dr. Rajiv Pandya's efforts resonate as a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition, making Navratri all the more divine and celebratory.

So, as you immerse yourself in the festive spirit of Navratri, let the melodies from Dr. Rajiv Pandya's album "Darshan Dejo Re" guide you towards a deeper connection with the divine.

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