Hindustan Zinc Management Announces Bonus and Ex-Gratia for Employees

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24 Oct 23
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Hindustan Zinc Management Announces Bonus and Ex-Gratia for Employees

Hindustan Zinc Management has announced bonuses and ex-gratia for permanent and contractual employees in the company for the year 2022-23. It is noteworthy that the company employs approximately 25,000 workers. According to the announcement, all permanent employees will receive 1,47,500 INR, underground contractual laborers will receive 90,500 INR, and all surface contractual workers will get 22,000 INR as a bonus. A bonus of 8.33% on actual salary will be provided, along with the disbursement of the ex-gratia, which will be paid out before November 9th.

U.M. Shankar Das, the President of the Hindustan Zinc Workers Federation, expressed gratitude to Hindustan Zinc Management on behalf of the workers and the federation. He stated that the announcement of bonuses prior to Diwali will allow employees and their families to celebrate the festival with more enthusiasm.

Arun Mishra, Praveen Sharma, Sandeep Modi, Munish Vasudeva, Manmeet Singh, Mohammad Ali, Deepak Gakhareja, Anup Kumar, Anil Gadia, Saurabh Mishra, Akshat Yadav, Krishna Rao, and others from the management, and U.M. Shankar Das, Kalyan Singh Shaktawat, Mangi Lal Ahir, Prakash Shrimaal, Ghanshyam Singh Ranawat, Mahendra Soni, and Laluram Meena from the federation were signatories to the agreement.


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