Inauguration of Indira Kitchen Scheme (Rural) in Rajasthan

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11 Sep 23
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Inauguration of Indira Kitchen Scheme (Rural) in Rajasthan

Sri Ganganagar - Rajasthan Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot inaugurated the expansion of the "Indira Rasoi" (Indira Kitchen) scheme in rural areas, highlighting its significance in providing affordable and nutritious meals to laborers, students, and working-class individuals. The scheme aims to offer meals at an affordable cost of just INR 8 in public places, religious sites, commercial areas, and slums near cities. The state government is actively working towards its commitment to eliminate hunger and ensure food security for all, aligning with the slogan "No one should sleep hungry."

Shri Gehlot mentioned that Rajasthan's progressive welfare schemes are setting exemplary standards, with other states in India adopting policies inspired by the state's initiatives. The event was attended by Congress leader Smt. Priyanka Gandhi, who also commended the Indira Rasoi scheme and its role in providing substantial and quality meals to the common people.

As part of the initiative, 400 rural Indira Rasois have been launched across the state, with plans to increase the number to 1000 by September 25. The state government is diligently working to implement its budget announcements to provide relief to the public.

Shri Gehlot emphasized the need for transparent investigations by central investigative agencies in a democratic system, denouncing authoritarianism. He called for the enactment of a social security law on the lines of food security, education, information, and the right to employment as guaranteed by the previous central government.

He also underscored the importance of the Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project (ERCP) in 13 districts of the state for drinking water and irrigation supply and urged the central government to grant it the status of a central project.

Furthermore, Shri Gehlot stated that the state government is committed to serving all sections of society through its welfare schemes. The government has successfully provided relief to the public through various initiatives, including the Rajivika scheme, relief camps for inflation, the Indira Rasoi scheme, and more.

During the event, Congress leader Smt. Priyanka Gandhi interacted with women associated with Rajivika (livelihood) self-help groups and praised their efforts in producing various products. The event also featured the screening of a short film related to the Indira Rasoi scheme.

In conclusion, Shri Gehlot expressed gratitude to the attendees, and the event showcased the state government's dedication to inclusive development and people-centric policies, setting a path for Rajasthan's growth as outlined in Vision 2030.


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