Apprehended the notorious criminal Divyanshu Meena

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26 Aug 23
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Apprehended the notorious criminal Divyanshu Meena

In a swift operation, CI Bhupendra Singh has apprehended the notorious criminal Divyanshu Meena on charges of extortion and attempted murder. The incident unfolded within the premises of Railway Colony, and within a matter of hours, Railway Colony's station in-charge, Bhupendra Singh, had taken Divyanshu Meena into custody. In connection to this case, CI Bhupendra Singh has also directed a police team to track down the fugitives Bharat Meena and Kalu Bachcha, alias Rajat Pandey.

Bharat Meena, who had been released on bail just two days ago, seemed to have vengeance on his mind. Today, he, his brother, and an associate reportedly attacked Junaid Akhtar, who was sitting at his shop. The assault left Junaid Akhtar injured. It's worth noting that Bharat Meena had a previous encounter with the police, leading to his transfer from Railway Colony police station to a different district under the orders of senior police officers.

City SP Sharad Choudhary, shedding light on the gravity of the situation, informed that due to the severity of the incident, Additional Superintendent of Police Bhagwat Singh Hingad, under the guidance of Deputy Superintendent of Police Khinv Singh, has constituted a specialized team. Led by SHO Railway Colony, Mr. Bhupendra Singh P.N., this team is tasked with conducting a rapid investigation and ensuring the swift apprehension of the accused.

The case showcases the dedication of law enforcement under the leadership of CI Bhupendra Singh, with efforts to ensure that those involved in criminal activities are swiftly brought to justice.

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