Noble Act: Eye Donation Made Possible in Devli, 90 Kilometers from Kota

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21 Sep 23
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Noble Act: Eye Donation Made Possible in Devli, 90 Kilometers from Kota

Thanks to the efforts of the Shine India Foundation, eye donation has become more accessible not only in Kota but also in surrounding towns and villages. Families in mourning now find it easier to consider eye donations, with just a little explanation and preparation from their well-wishers.

Late at night, at 2:00 AM, Arpit Agrawal, a close friend of Vishal, got in touch with Dr. Kulwant Gaur of Shine India immediately after the demise of Vishal's father, Mr. Shankar Sharma, a resident of Ghosi Mohalla in Devli, Tonk district. After gathering essential medical information, Dr. Gaur, along with technician Utkarsh Mishra, rushed to Devli. They conducted the eye donation process early in the morning, bringing all the family members on board.

Following the eye donation, Dr. Gaur provided the assembled community in Devli with crucial information about eye donation and dispelled any misconceptions. He urged everyone to understand that eye donation, performed after death, is a virtuous act that grants salvation to the departed soul.

It's worth noting that this is the second successful eye donation event facilitated by Shine India in Devli, thanks to the inspiration drawn from witnessing the process during the sudden demise of Mr. Jagdish Goyal, the uncle of Arpit, in February 2022. Arpit had observed the entire eye donation procedure at that time and subsequently decided that whenever a tragic incident occurs in the city, within a family or among relatives, efforts would be made to facilitate eye donation.

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