Headline: Vibrant Election Booths to Highlight Culture, Environment, and Eco-Friendly Initiatives

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16 Nov 23
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 Headline: Vibrant Election Booths to Highlight Culture, Environment, and Eco-Friendly Initiatives

*Udaipur,  In an innovative move to enhance democratic participation and connect with the public during the upcoming elections, the Election Commission of India (ECI) is introducing a host of new features in every assembly constituency. Apart from the usual voting process, each constituency will now boast theme-based polling centers reflecting the unique cultural, artistic, and environmental facets of the region.

In collaboration with the tourism department, the ECI has directed the establishment of special booths that showcase prominent tourism spots, architectural marvels, and local arts and culture. These distinctive polling centers aim to not only facilitate voting but also promote the rich heritage of each area.

Echoing a commitment to environmental sustainability, the ECI has mandated the setup of eco-friendly booths in every constituency. These green polling stations will minimize the use of materials harmful to the environment, promoting a cleaner and more sustainable voting process.

One of the standout initiatives is the introduction of selfie points at selected booths. Voters will have the opportunity to capture moments at these designated points, uploading the images to the state's official website. In return, they will receive a digital certificate, creating a novel blend of technology and civic engagement.

To further enhance the voting experience, the ECI has planned the installation of "green polling stations" at each constituency. These stations will prioritize environmental conservation, ensuring minimal use of materials that could harm the surroundings. Additionally, a systematic waste disposal system and proper sanitation facilities will be in place at every booth.

In a move that emphasizes community engagement and environmental responsibility, voters will be encouraged to participate in tree plantation drives. The directive mandates the planting of five saplings by the first five voters at each polling booth, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility among citizens.

The election commission's focus on creating a voter-friendly atmosphere extends to the provision of comfortable seating, adequate shade, and lighting arrangements at every booth. Mascots representing the polling centers will be deployed to engage with voters and raise awareness about the importance of the electoral process.

To streamline the election process, the ECI has established tri-level war rooms at the state, district, and assembly levels. These war rooms will be led by the Chief Electoral Officer at the state level, coordinating with District Election Officers and Returning Officers to ensure efficient and transparent conduct of the polls.

With these innovative measures, the Election Commission of India aims not only to facilitate a smooth and secure voting process but also to create an environment that encourages civic participation and environmental responsibility during the upcoming elections.

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