The government should formulate policies regarding the lakes, not build wedding venues - Singhvi

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17 Sep 23
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The government should formulate policies regarding the lakes, not build wedding venues - Singhvi

Udaipur, The city of lakes, Udaipur, is famous for its lakes and natural beauty, which is why there is a growing craze for royal weddings here. However, due to this craze, it seems as if the lakes have turned into wedding venues, with everyone drawing water from the main water sources of the city, the lakes.

Senior advocate Ashok Singhvi issued a statement on Saturday, saying that recently in a celebrity wedding, the wedding procession will be transported from one hotel located on the lake to another hotel via boats, even though the hotels have road access. The arrival of wedding processions by boats on the lakes is happening for the first time, and lake enthusiasts have expressed concerns that if this trend continues, the state of our water sources in the lakes will be in jeopardy.

Singhvi also mentioned that traditional Ganpati boats are being used in this wedding, which will affect the honor and cultural significance of these historic boats. Furthermore, it remains to be seen whether all the wedding guests will adhere to safety and legal regulations while traveling in the boats.

Singhvi stated that millions of rupees have been spent to maintain the lakes. While this expenditure may not have been able to provide daily water supply to the residents of Udaipur, it has certainly boosted the tourism sector. Singhvi also reminded that the ownership rights of the lakes belong to the Udaipur Municipal Corporation, and the ownership of water belongs to the Water Resources Department. It is likely that no permission has been obtained from the relevant authorities for holding weddings on the lake.

Singhvi appealed to the state government to formulate a better policy for the use of the lakes in the name of tourism and define the limits of extraction. He also urged the local administration not to turn the lakes into wedding venues and prevent the use of water for wedding procession routes.

Singhvi added that a former municipal commissioner had not granted permission to build a stage for a famous industrialist's wedding on the Pichola Lake, which can be considered a sound decision.

This statement by Ashok Singhvi highlights the concerns regarding the use of Udaipur's picturesque lakes for extravagant weddings, and the need for a balanced approach to protect these natural resources while also promoting tourism.

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