Possible to recycle 90 per cent plastic waste: Komal Kothari

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06 Jun 23
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Possible to recycle 90 per cent plastic waste: Komal Kothari

Udaipur. "Plastic is beneficial, but plastic waste is a big problem. If we take it to a circular economy so that no waste is generated, our biggest problem will be solved. There is a need to create awareness for this."
Mr Saurabh Agnihotri of the Finnish Society gave the above information.
Udaipur Industrial Waste Management and Research Center under the joint auspices of Udaipur Chamber of Commerce and Industry and in collaboration with 'Finiloop' at U.C.C.I.U.C.C.I. Bhawan's P.P.P.P. A workshop on 'Solution to Plastic Pollution' was organized at Singhal Auditorium.
At the beginning of the program, Chairman Mr Sanjay Singhal welcomed the guests, subject experts and participants. He said that plastic is light in weight and strong; apart from being functional, its waste disposal is a big challenge. It is inevitable to generate some waste with industrial production, but it can be reduced by adopting waste control measures.
Former President of U.C.C.I.U.C.C.I. and U.I.W.M.U.I.W.M. and R.C. Shri Komal Kothari, Executive Chairman, U.C.C.I.U.C.C.I. briefed the participants about the Hazardous Waste Management Facility at Gudli, U.C.C.IU.C.C.I. Giving information about the activities of Udaipur Industrial Waste Management and Research Center Trust, he said that the trust's main objective is to create awareness about environmental protection and compliance with harmful waste rules by the industry.
Member Secretary of UIWM&RC Shri C.S.R. Mehta introduced the subject experts and presented the outline of the programme.
Saurabh Agnihotri, Chief of Operations, Finnish Society, explained the legal framework for plastic waste management and eco-friendly alternatives. He gave information about plastic waste management and reuse measures. He provided information regarding the legal aspects of plastic waste management, technical aspects and compliance with rules. Mr Agnihotri informed me about the proposed incubation and mentoring program for startups on Plastic Waste Management by Finloop Plastic Lab in Udaipur. He said there is immense potential in the Udaipur division for an industry based on plastic waste recycling. Incubation program, support, prototype grants, mentoring sessions with experts and funding opportunities for startups using plastic waste as raw material
In the technical session of the workshop, Pavi Raheja, Chief Strategy Officer, Recron Panels, gave information on the legal requirements and regulatory framework in plastic waste. Mr Raheja informed the participants present in the workshop in detail through a PowerPoint presentation on compliance with the rules related to plastic waste management. He said that according to the new regulations, under the Extended Producers Responsibility (E.P.R.E.P.R.), the responsibility of disposal of plastic waste has been given to the brand owner who makes plastic and uses it in packaging. Executive Officer Dr. conducting the workshop. Sakshi Jain did it.
During the question hour, the subject experts resolved the participants' doubts and queries.
Patron in the workshop Mr B.H. Bapna, Senior Vice President Dr Anshu Kothari, Mr Vijay Godha, Mr K.P. Sukhtankar, Mr R.K. Around more than 65 participants from various industrial units, including H.E.D.A.H.E.D.A., Shri Hakim TDWala etc. participated.
At the end of the workshop, Executive Officer Dr Sakshi Jain thanked everyone with the concluding remarks.

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