Unforeseen Disasters Are the Result of Our Sins

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06 Jun 23
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- Dr Deepak Acharya

Unforeseen Disasters Are the Result of Our Sins

Both the mood and the weather have now become such that they are unknown. In the first twelve months, some months were fixed sequentially of summer, winter and rainy seasons. And their sequence also remained almost like this till a few years back.

There hasn't been such an unexpected unwanted change in recent years that there is no confidence in which weather will drip when. Now, any other or all three seasons can make a dent in any season. Every type of weather is being seen within a span of a few hours.
Weird weather, ranging from heat stroke to bone-chilling cold, cloud bursts, and everything washed away, unseasonal rains and floods, frequent rains, the threat of hailstorms, the havoc of scorching heat and shivering cold, lack of oxygen, ozone, Crumbling crust, pulsating earthquakes and volcanoes... all messed up.
Weather patterns are no longer favourable to the regions, humans, or other animals. The weather has become wild; everything has become disorderly. This much has happened till now; let's keep looking ahead to what will not happen.
Not much time has passed since the tragedy of Kedarnath. We are witnesses to so many such tragedies. If this whole atmosphere of human misbehaviour continues, then all that will happen, which, even to imagine, will make our souls tremble.
We must protect the five elements from which our nature is made, the earth's foundation. We also must watch what our ancestors left for us, put it to good use, and take care of future generations. But we have forgotten these limitations of ours. We want to take everything in our favour; who knows what happens later?
Instead of looting the fun while living in the courtyard of nature, we have started stealing nature itself. The mountains have been crushed into plains. We have started on the journey of eradicating the existence of drains and rivers, and our relationship with trees and forests has almost ended. The scale on which the journey of settlements started has destroyed forests and trees.
  We selfish and exploitative people, who claim and declare the principle of 'live and let live', have destroyed the habitats of wild animals, animals and birds and our companions in the affair of our homes and want to occupy the forests as well. Let's do it.
We have considered the pieces of land as mint and even forgotten our conscience. There was a time when the branches of the trees touching the sky used to hold the hands of the clouds and bring them to the ground. Today, not trees, their place is occupied by mobile towers. There is only an area left that looks like a forest of buildings. We have finished the balance of five elements. This is the reason why nature is now angry with us.
We celebrate World Environment Day every year. On this day, all the people take a pledge of dedicated efforts to save the environment, shout in seminars and various events and make promises as if some miracle of environmental consciousness is bound to happen on this day itself. Going to do it.
Many people have been born only to create environmental consciousness. Then there is a reasonable number of people of the same religion as him. There is talk of planting trees. This is what has been happening for the last several decades. How good it would have been if these people had produced at least one tree each on this day instead of making loud speeches and resolutions. Had it been so, we would not have needed to celebrate Environment Day today.
But the reality is that we are becoming so inept that we do not want to do anything ourselves. We always intend to remain in the role of directors and that others continue to work as labourers.
Today the pollution of the environment is increasing. There is an atmosphere of pollution everywhere outside and inside. The human heart and mind are also polluted, the climate is polluted, and everything is upside down. We are responsible for environmental pollution.
If all of us stay within our limits, be loyal to our duty to society and the region and nature, do the work for which we are assigned, and do our work with total honesty and social concerns of human sensibilities, service and philanthropy. Keep your interests above; then, there is no reason that the balance of the environment should be so improved that we do not need annual events in the domain's name.
To protect the environment, more than the events, promises, resolutions, speeches and gimmicks, we need to keep our minds clean and create a spirit to live for the society and the region. Once the environment of our mind and brain is cured, it is not difficult to improve it. The problem lies where we only want to make lip-service speeches while acting on environmental imbalance; we want to loot the sympathy of others by shedding crocodile tears but do not want to do anything.
Today has come to make us realize the reality. This day wants to shout and say there is still time to do something. Otherwise, everything will be ruined. We do not need to think about what will happen to us when the environment is no more.

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