established in Udaipur - Udaipur Citizen Society

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07 Jun 23
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established in Udaipur - Udaipur Citizen Society

Udaipur. Udaipur Citizen Society has requested Education Minister B.D. Kalla Citing Udaipur's fondness for Sanskrit since the time of kings and emperors must have Veda-Science Research Center
the Society asked the Education Minister that Udaipur, situated in the lap of nature, would also get the best environment for research from the perspective of the science of the Vedas.
President of Udaipur Citizen Society, Kshitij Kumbhat, in a meeting with the Education Minister at Circuit House on Tuesday morning, urged him that we have t51, SCERT, Rabindra Nath Tagore Medical College, There are institutions of national and international importance like Madan Mohan Malviya Ayurveda College,  that Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Ved-Science Research Center will further strengthen Udaipur's status. He said that studying Vedas from the scientific perspective would pave the way for solving various life problems, not only in medical science. Students of medical science and Ayurveda in Udaipur will also benefit from this.
Sanskritist and former Principal of Nimbarka College Pt. Surendra Dwivedi said that today when Sanskrit is dominant all over the world, NASA has recognized the importance of Vedokta Gayatri Mantra, the usefulness of Sanskrit has been rendered in computers as well, in such a way Sanskrit language. The need for a research centre is also being felt to understand the ancient Indian texts Vedas-Puranas-Upanishads etc., from the scientific perspective. Mewar has also been fond of Sanskrit since the beginning, and the Maharana Sanskrit College outside Chandpole on the banks of Lake Pichola in Udaipur has been an example of this. Scholars from Banaras and Bihar used to come here to study and teach. With the establishment of the Veda-Science Research Center, the love for Sanskrit will increase again in Mewar. Udaipur's name will also be established on the world stage in Sanskrit.
Meanwhile, the members of the Society also met the Director of Sanskrit Education, Bhaskar Shrotriya and discussed with him the establishment of the Veda-Science Research Center in Udaipur. Dr Umashankar Sharma, a senior member of the Society and former vice-chancellor of MPUAT, urged Shrotriya to make a plan from Ved Path shala to Research Center. Shrotriya also agreed to the Society's request and said that there is awareness about Sanskrit in Udaipur, and they will try to start the concept of the Veda-Science Research Center from Ved Pathshala.
Society's secretary Kamal Nahta said that social worker Ganpat Agarwal, society member Nilesh Karwan etc., were involved during the discussion with the Education Minister and Director of Sanskrit Education.

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