Media Conference Promoting Peaceful Journalism

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15 Sep 23
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Media Conference Promoting Peaceful Journalism

The 2023 National Media Conference, a significant event in the media landscape, reached its culmination amidst the serene backdrop of the Shantivan Campus in Abu Road, Rajasthan. Hosted by the Brahma Kumaris, this gathering brought together a diverse and influential array of media professionals, renowned educators, and seasoned industry experts. Participants converged from various regions of both India and Nepal, emphasizing the conference's wide-reaching impact and significance.

Under the overarching theme of "Empowered Media for Global Peace and Harmony," the conference engaged attendees in a series of thought-provoking discussions. These discussions covered a wide spectrum of pressing topics, including the profound influence of social media on contemporary society, the crucial role of peace journalism in fostering global harmony, the imperative need for ethical balance in media practices, and the invaluable insights provided by spiritual wisdom.

One of the highlights of the conference was the address by Sis. B.K Shivani, a highly regarded motivational speaker. She left a lasting impression on the audience by emphasizing the pivotal role that the media plays in nurturing mental well-being. She stressed that media professionals wield immense power in shaping the emotional and psychological landscape of their audience. The information we consume through media sources, be it what we hear, read, or see, effectively becomes our "emotional diet." Sis. Shivani underscored that it's the responsibility of the media to serve a nutritious and uplifting emotional diet to society.

Moreover, she highlighted the pressing issue of mental health, particularly among the youth, and called upon the media to do more in addressing this crisis. She argued that by creating content that strengthens the mental resilience of its consumers, the media can empower individuals to take charge of their lives. To achieve this, she suggested that media professionals should begin each day with 30 minutes of consuming spiritual content. She firmly believed that such a practice could elevate the quality of thoughts and content produced, ultimately benefiting society.

In addition to Sis. Shivani's insightful address, Brother Dr. B.K. Mruthyunjaya, Chairperson of the Edu Wing at Brahma Kumaris, emphasized the importance of incorporating value education into media training. While traditional education institutions exist in abundance, he pointed out that they often lack the moral, humanistic, and spiritual dimensions necessary for responsible journalism. By enabling individuals to elevate their thinking and embody higher values, he envisioned a society where media professionals act as beacons of light, messengers of peace, and agents of positive change.

The conference also featured notable figures like Prof. Mansingh Parmar, Former VC of KT University of J&MC, Raipur (CG), who emphasized the need for journalists to consider themselves as pure, elevated souls and children of God. He called for the establishment of a central university for communications that would instill the right values and responsibilities in aspiring journalists. He also proposed transforming the Press Council into a broader Media Council to regulate both print and digital media.

Chief Guest Bro. Kuldeep Rai Sharma, MP (LS) from Andaman & Nicobar Islands, recognized the profound influence of media in our lives and suggested using popular formats like Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts to create content that uplifts and serves society.

To conclude the session, Sis. B.K Sarala, National Coordinator of the Media Wing, proposed a comprehensive action plan based on the conference's discussions. This proposal garnered widespread support from key figures in attendance, including Bro. Y. Babji, Dr. Kamlesh Meena, and Bro. Mahadeva Swamy.

The conference brought together a remarkable group of individuals committed to elevating the media's role in society. Other dignitaries present included Bro. Omveer Singh Saini, Bro. Ashish Gupta, Sis. B.K. Vijaya, and Bro. B.K Amarchand.

Organized by the Media Wing of the Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation (RERF), a sister organization of the Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, this event seeks to awaken public interest in spirituality and promote positive, value-based journalism. It aspires to create a society where journalism not only informs but also uplifts and empowers, fostering love, peace, and global harmony.

In the valedictory session, the conference attendees expressed a collective commitment to the media's role in promoting moral values and peace worldwide. They emphasized that the media's duty extends beyond mere information transmission; it also entails understanding and nurturing a balanced moral compass to establish peace in an increasingly complex world.

In a resolution supported by hundreds of media professionals from India and Nepal, the conference underscored the media's vital role as both an information provider and a guardian of societal harmony. It called upon the Brahma Kumaris' media wing to continue its efforts in supporting and empowering media professionals in their pursuit of love- and peace-based journalism.

This gathering, inspired by the recent success of the G-20 summit hosted by India, sought to cooperate globally in fostering peace through India's leadership. The central mission of the Brahma Kumaris, to provide Rajyoga-based education and spiritual strength to media personnel, received resounding support from all quarters. Together, they envisioned a society where individuals, fortified by values and spiritual understanding, contribute to collective welfare, happiness, prosperity, and development.

The 2023 National Media Conference showcased the potential of media to be a force for positive change, and it concluded with an unwavering commitment to shaping a better, more harmonious world through responsible journalism.

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