Massive Gathering of Dangi Patel Patidar Community Planned in Beneshwar on September 24

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20 Sep 23
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Demands Five Tickets from Every Constituency

Massive Gathering of Dangi Patel Patidar Community Planned in Beneshwar on September 24

Through a contemplative session held at Udaipur's Town Hall, the Dangi Patel Patidar community is set to organize a grand congregation, resembling a colossal sacred tree, in Beneshwar on September 24. This event is expected to witness the participation of over 5 lakh people. The same region that was earlier targeted by political parties for tribal votes will now be a focal point for the Dangi Patel Patidar community's election strategy.

During a press conference, members of the community emphasized the importance of providing tickets to their representatives in upcoming elections. They pointed out that the Dangi Patel Patidar community holds significant influence over 28 legislative assembly seats in Udaipur, and this unity will be showcased during the event.

Uday Lal Dangi, speaking on behalf of the community, urged political parties to allocate tickets to their representatives, emphasizing that the community will mobilize to support the candidate chosen by consensus. He clarified that if political parties fail to offer representation, the community might field its own candidate independently.

Former MLA Pushkar Lal Dangi expressed the desire to demonstrate that, despite various names given to different factions of the community in the Mewar region, they all belong to a singular community. He emphasized that the upcoming event in Beneshwar will be a significant display of the community's strength. The party that garners the community's support will likely emerge victorious.

The event, scheduled for September 24, will see participation not only from Udaipur but also from Pratapgarh, Chittorgarh, Jhalawar, Rajsamand, Dungarpur, and Banswara. The community seeks to assert its presence and importance on the political landscape, and it is prepared to take action if political parties do not heed its demand for representation.

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