"To Enter Others' Hearts, Remove Arrogance and Embrace Humility" - Saint Shri Lalitprabh Ji

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21 Sep 23
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"To Enter Others' Hearts, Remove Arrogance and Embrace Humility" - Saint Shri Lalitprabh Ji

National Saint Mahopadhyay Lalitprabh Sagar Maharaj stated that to enter others' hearts, one must remove arrogance and cultivate humility. Just as bones become rigid in cold weather, so does pride harden one's life. To avoid the chill, ignite the fire of humility, and to escape arrogance, infuse sweetness into life. If arrogance is a hammer, then humility is the key. While a hammer breaks locks, it is the key that opens them. An arrogant person not only enters the hearts of family members but also succeeds in creating a place in the hearts of neighbors. Regardless of caste, lineage, appearance, or possessions, use all these attributes but avoid pride. The ultimate truth of life is that in the end, you win the game of life if you secure a six-foot piece of land and a two-yard shroud. 

Special Discourse on Life Building in Udaipur:
On Wednesday, Saint Mahopadhyay Lalitprabh Sagar Maharaj addressed the devotees in a grand assembly held at Shri Vasupoojya Swami Bhagwan Temple and Dadavadi's spacious auditorium in Surajpol. He said, "Until we remain rigid, we cannot attain knowledge, nor can we become equal to others. Just as fingers are different as long as they remain stiff, they become the same when they bend." Humility can make our homes heavenly. The reason for broken relationships is that people prefer to break rather than bend. 

Don't Be Proud of Your Appearance or Wealth:
Saint Shri Lalitprabh Ji advised against being proud of one's appearance or wealth. He reminded the audience that no matter how fair one's complexion, throughout life, one's shadow and, after death, one's ashes will be dark. He urged people not to be arrogant about their possessions, as nature has molded everyone from the same earth and covered them in the same dust. He emphasized that we should not underestimate anyone, for the very stone we consider worthless today may become an idol in a temple tomorrow, and a tea vendor today may become the Prime Minister of the country someday.

Cultivate the Habit of Humility:
He advised individuals to cultivate the habit of humility to keep themselves free from arrogance. Just as long as the fingers remain straight, they are of varying heights, but as soon as they bend toward the palm, they all become the same size.

Upcoming Special Discourse by the Chaturmas Committee:
Shailendra Lodha from the Chaturmas Committee announced that a special discourse would be held on Thursday morning at 9:15 AM in Jain Dadavadi, Surajpol.


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