Responsible Mining is the Demand of the Hour: R.K. Bansal

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23 Sep 23
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Responsible Mining is the Demand of the Hour: R.K. Bansal

Udaipur: 'Mining is essential for extracting various minerals, but it is our responsibility to ensure that environmental damage is minimized during the mining process,' said R.K. Bansal, an expert on the subject, during a one-day training program on responsible mining organized by the Udaipur Industrial Waste Management and Research Center Trust in collaboration with the Udaipur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UCCI) at the UCCI Building's Pyrotech Auditorium."

"Dr. Anshu Kothari, Vice President, welcomed all participants and stressed the importance of being responsible stewards of the environment in the same way parents take care of their children. He shared an example of a large American company that allocates half of its profits to environmental conservation."

"Mr. B.H. Bapna, an environmental advocate, emphasized that environmental protection means self-preservation. To raise awareness about environmental issues, he called for regular program organizing."

"Mr. C.S.R. Mehta, Secretary of the Trust, provided a brief introduction to the subject matter of the training program."

"During the training program, Mr. R.K. Bansal, an expert on the subject, provided participants with extensive knowledge on topics such as minimizing environmental damage in mineral extraction, environmental impact studies in mining projects, mining planning and management, mining waste management, air quality and water management in mining projects, and more."

"Dr. Sakshi Jain, the Executive Officer, conducted the program. Participants from various industries, including Udaipur Cement Works, Hindustan Zinc, Volkem, Jay Surgicals, Pentagon Enviro Mining, SolidRed, and others, attended the program."

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