Being Human and Serving Humanity Is the Greatest Duty - Sant Shri Lalitprabh Ji

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23 Sep 23
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Being Human and Serving Humanity Is the Greatest Duty - Sant Shri Lalitprabh Ji

Udaipur:  LNational Saint Mahopadhyay Lalitprabh Sagar Maharaj stated that those who contribute to feeding others have their own food stores forever. Individuals should always be prepared to extend hospitality to guests. Women should soak more flour and keep it available. Four extra rotis won't make a difference to you, but they will mean a lot to those who have nothing to eat. People should have the sentiment of giving clothes and medicines. They shouldn't hesitate to give away old or unused clothing at home. If someone poor falls ill, earn the merit of providing them with medicines. Keep water-filled earthen pots outside the house and pots filled with water on the roof, so that others may have the privilege of quenching their thirst. While inspiring to engage in voluntary service, Santpravar mentioned that you should serve in the field where you are. Businessmen should sell goods at no profit-no loss for a day in the month, doctors should provide free consultations for a day, perform free surgeries for the poor, and consider the privilege of blood donation and eye donation."

"Santpravar addressed devotees in a special discourse held on Friday at Suraj Pole, Mevad Motors Lane, Sri Vaspoojya Swami Temple, and Dadavadi's large assembly hall. He said that what is the duty of a person who is a flower to bloom, a thorn to protect, water to cool, and fire to kindle? Likewise, being human, one should think about what their duty as a human is. Since we are humans, we should first adopt the duty of humanity and engage in activities that benefit humanity. If someone tells others to make offerings in a temple on one hand and pushes a beggar out of the temple gate on the other, is their duty appropriate?"

"Bestower is Called God - Sant Shri Lalitprabh Ji also said that one who gives to others is called a deity. The one who helps the poor and the needy has the blessings of God. He said that in prayers to God, don't ask for wealth and riches, but rather ask for the opportunity to serve others because through service, you automatically receive blessings. If a person has the intention to do good to others, even if they make a hundred mistakes, God forgives them."

"Help Others - While inspiring to help others, Santpravar said that one should not restrict themselves only to their wives and children; they should also help others. Those who help others will certainly progress. He said that one's destiny is not made through rituals and actions but through helping others. He appreciated organizations like Lions Club, Rotary Club, Mahavir International, and Bharat Vikas Parishad for embracing the duty of humanity and serving humanity, which will always be remembered."

"On Saturday and Sunday, the two-day discourse program - Chaturmas, organized by the convener Hansraj Choudhary, will be held on September 23 and 24, 2023, from 9 AM to 11 AM at the Community Hall, Panchratna Complex, Bedla Road, Fatehpura. The organizers of the discourse, Panchratna Resident Welfare Society, have urged all brothers and sisters to benefit from it."

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