Positive Thinking is Nectar, Negative Thinking is Poison" - Sant Shri Lalitprabh Ji

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26 Sep 23
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Positive Thinking is Nectar, Negative Thinking is Poison" - Sant Shri Lalitprabh Ji

Udaipur: Sant Shri Lalitprabh Sagar Maharaj emphasized that while positive thinking is like nectar, negative thinking is akin to poison. Negative thoughts harm others in the long run, but they poison one's own life right away. Mahatma Gandhi advised individuals not to see evil, not to hear evil, and not to speak evil, but these three monkeys of wisdom will truly make sense when a person embraces the fourth monkey's philosophy: "Do not think evil." Those who do not harbor negative thoughts will neither see evil, hear it, nor ever speak it. Troubles begin with a person's thoughts. He noted that one should appreciate the virtues of others as this leads to self-improvement.

Sant Shri Lalitprabh Sagar Maharaj, speaking at a nighttime lecture series in Surajpol Dadawadi for the upbringing of values and personality development in the younger generation, advised devotees on these lines. He stated that a person's thoughts determine his afterlife. To improve one's afterlife, a person should first cleanse his thoughts. He described how those who think positively sow positive seeds, live among them, and ultimately become beautiful flowers in the garden of life.

"Be mindful of your thoughts, always think beautifully," he urged. He emphasized that one should filter the thoughts and words of others like water, extracting the goodness and leaving behind the rest. Learning from the lives of great personalities such as Ram, Krishna, Mahavir, Buddha, Jesus, Socrates, Kabir, and others, and integrating their teachings into one's life, makes one, like those great beings, respected and revered.

Before this, Sant Shri Lalitprabh addressed a large gathering of youth during the Mahaveer Swadhyay Mandal's five-day lecture series organized for the youth's value development and personality growth.

For the youth, a special five-day lecture series has been organized by Sant Shri Lalitprabh Ji and Sant Shri Chandraprabh Ji from September 26 to September 30, from 8 PM to 9:30 PM, at Jain Dadawadi, Mevad Motors Lane, Surajpol.

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