Udaipur's Traffic Woes Alleviated: Fatehpura Intersection Expansion Resolves Long-standing Issue

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27 Sep 23
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Udaipur's Traffic Woes Alleviated: Fatehpura Intersection Expansion Resolves Long-standing Issue

The diligent efforts of District Collector Arvind Poswal, committed to Udaipur's development and enhancement, are reaping the rewards. On Tuesday, a longstanding bottleneck at the Fatehpura intersection in the northern part of Udaipur was successfully eliminated through mutual consensus. This long-pending issue had seen a court adjournment for 17 years, as no resolution had been reached. In this scenario, Collector Poswal's dedication to development and cooperative approach won over property owners' hearts, resulting in the project's completion with their consent. This development will relieve pedestrians entering the city from various routes and ease traffic congestion.

The Fatehpura intersection has been a critical entry point for the city, serving as a junction for major roads from Nathdwara, Bhilwara, Ajmer, Jaipur, Mount Abu, Ranakpur, Jodhpur, and other destinations. However, due to limited land availability for intersection expansion, the area has witnessed an increase in congestion and traffic jams over the years. This issue affected domestic and international tourists visiting Udaipur year-round and posed challenges for the city's residents. It also increases the risk of accidents. The recent action taken under Collector Poswal's guidance promises to resolve these problems swiftly, making traffic more manageable.

This isn't the first time that Collector Arvind Poswal has taken steps to alleviate traffic issues in Udaipur. His earlier collaboration with UIT officials resulted in the expansion of the road from Lake City Mall to Subhash Nagar, and now, the Fatehpura bottleneck is being addressed.

The Fatehpura intersection expansion project had faced significant hurdles due to disputes over land acquisition for the proposed right-of-way. The process began in 2001, but legal battles ensued, leading to a prolonged court adjournment. Given the increasing traffic pressure and the need to relieve congestion at Fatehpura, Collector Arvind Poswal and Trust officials recently inspected the site. Talks were held with property owners to acquire the required land through mutual agreement. Additionally, discussions took place to hand over part of the land and property owned by Rajendra Kumar Dhupia and others in the expansion's southeast corner under a mutual agreement. Their consent was obtained.

In response to the Collector and Trust Chairman's discussions on September 8, Rajendra Kumar Dhupia and others applied to the City Development Trust, requesting that the land acquisition be completed by allocating equivalent land in the trust area and compensating for the constructed house, allowing them to withdraw their petition pending in the High Court. After several meetings and negotiations over the past month, the applicant submitted their written agreement to the Trust. Consequently, the removal of construction to facilitate expansion has commenced. This action will provide additional space for road expansion, ultimately benefitting city residents.

District Collector Poswal personally supervised the project, ensuring minimal traffic disruptions and a smooth, timely completion. He also had the entire process documented. Collector Poswal thanked the administration and the affected family for their cooperation and sought their support. During the building demolition, he provided guidance and oversight of the operation.

The building owners, Rajendra Dhupia, Neela Dhupia, and Vijit Dhupia, expressed their happiness and pride in contributing to the city's development. They eagerly awaited the Fatehpura intersection's expansion, which promises to resolve traffic issues and enhance convenience for all residents and visitors to Udaipur.

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