Celebration of 41st Prabha`t Samgiita Day  

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16 Sep 23
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Celebration of 41st Prabha`t Samgiita Day  

Udaipur. 41st Prabha`t Samgiita Day was celebrated by Renaissance Universal (RU) in collaboration with Society for Microvita Research and Integrated Medicine (SMRIM), Udaipur on Thursday, 14th September, 2023 at Jagriti, Tekri-Madri road, Udaipur. The program was inaugurated by President, SMRIM & RU, Dr. S. K. Verma by garlanding and lighting the lamp in front of the picture of Shrii P. R. Sarkar; who composed 5018 songs of Prabhat Samgiita. The first Prabhat Samgiita was given by Shrii Sarkar on 14th September, 1982 in Deoghar, Jharkhand and celebrated as Prabhat Samgiita Day.
      Dr Verma said that Prabhat Samgiita incorporates every feeling of a devotee for example, pain, devotion, joy, separation, request, invitation etc. and is considered as part of aesthetic science. Shrii Sarkar composed 5018 songs in a short life span of 8 years and in eight different languages that is Hindi, English, Bengali, Urdu, Sanskrit, Aungika, Maithali and Magahi. There are songs on each and every occasion like Holi, Diwali, New Year, House warming, Wedding, child naming, plantation and every season, spring, autumn, summer, rain, winter.  Shrii Sarkar has revived many extinct tunes in some of the Prabhat Samgiita. He used different rag-raginis for example, desh, bihag, malkons, yaman, bhairavi, deepak etc. to compose these melodious songs. He has also used some international tunes in Prabhat Samgiita like scandinavian, turkish, chinese, belgian, persian etc.  In fact, Prabhat Samgiita are songs of eternity, full of optimism and really helpful to develop devotion. Dr Verma said that these songs are inducing positive microvita to accumulate and make the environment blissful and conducive for doing meditation.
        Spiritual aspirants of Udaipur gathered on this occasion and various Prabhat Samgiita such as 'Tum of mere Krsna Jagatpati', 'Malik ho mere', 'Anek shuniya, anek bhaviya', 'Vishva dolay, dol diyecho', 'Fauj tumhari bigul bajao'. 'Tumi jadi bhalobaso', 'Ami neerave chaliya jayi', 'Tumi amar dhyan, Tumi amar gyan' were sung. The ideation of each sung song was also discussed during the program. A quiz based on Prabhat Samgiita was also organized in the program. The program ended with collective meditation and meals with joy and bliss. 

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