"Collective Efforts Needed to Promote Environmental Conservation and Eco-Tourism" - District Collector Inspects Forest Gardens

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21 Sep 23
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"Collective Efforts Needed to Promote Environmental Conservation and Eco-Tourism" - District Collector Inspects Forest Gardens

Udaipur: District Collector Arvind Posawal conducted a comprehensive inspection of forest gardens located in and around Udaipur city on Wednesday, focusing on environmental conservation and eco-tourism activities. During the visit, he also provided necessary guidance to forest department officials.

District Collector Posawal, accompanied by forest department officials, arrived at the Mahatma Gandhi Nagar Forest Garden located in the Chirwa Ghat area near Udaipur city on Wednesday morning. He observed the garden premises and gathered information about its environmental significance and ongoing activities. Assistant Forest Conservator Ajay Chittauda informed that adventure activities are being conducted through the Forest Protection Committee, with zip lines operational since 2018. It was mentioned that plans are underway to introduce additional activities like scenic cycling.

The District Collector also visited the Mevad Biodiversity Park in Amberi. He observed the butterfly zone being developed and was informed by officials that efforts are needed to remove the Lantana and install swings for children in the park. Following this, the District Collector visited the Talab in Purohiton Ki Taalab area. There too, he gathered information about the lake and its surrounding environmental significance.

In a recent development, the District Collector inspected the Lav Kush Vatika, developed under the state government's budget announcement, in Machhla Magra. Officials provided details about the newly constructed Laxman Jhula, adventure activity zones for children, and trekking paths.

During the inspection, the District Collector appreciated the developed and preserved areas under the forest department's care, emphasizing that Udaipur's unique feature is its natural environment and lakes. He stressed the need for collective efforts to not only conserve the environment but also promote eco-tourism. Assistant Forest Conservator Sugnaram Jat and other department officials were present during the visit.


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