Dr. Manisha Sharma: Enriching Hindi Prose and Literary Discourse

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20 Aug 23
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Dr. Manisha Sharma: Enriching Hindi Prose and Literary Discourse

Dr. Manisha Sharma has made a distinctive mark in the realm of literature, particularly through her contributions to prose. Amidst the thriving literary atmosphere of Kota, where writers are garnering national and international recognition across diverse genres, Dr. Sharma's influence stands out. She has been instrumental in enriching literature through her profound engagement with Hindi prose.

Dr. Sharma's literary journey encompasses a range of endeavors. She has penned numerous research articles in Hindi prose, presenting them at both national and international platforms. Beyond this, she has undertaken the task of reviewing the works of fellow writers, offering insightful critiques of literary creations. Her repertoire includes articles on contemporary themes, showcasing her dynamic involvement in elevating Hindi literature.

Her role as a reviewer involves critiquing poetry collections and fiction by authors from the Hadauti region. She has delved into the poetic realms of writers like Dr. Daya Krishna Vijay, R.C. Sharma, and Vijay Joshi, as well as exploring the narratives of novelists such as IAS Tikam Anjana Ho and Vishwamitra Dadhich. Additionally, her reviews extend to critical analyses of works like Sneh Lata Sharma's "Pattharne Mein Nadi Bahti" and Shyam Kumar Pokra's novel "Joganiya Mata," demonstrating her extensive engagement with contemporary literary creations.

Dr. Sharma's literary prowess extends beyond reviews. She is the author of two published books: "Dr. Jagdish Gupta Kavya Siddhant aur Srijan" in 2003 and "Samsik Sanchetna and Nasira Sharma" in 2010. Her essays cover a wide range of subjects, from exploring the thoughts of luminaries like Agyey and Vivekananda, to analyzing the status of women across different eras and delving into the condition and trajectory of modern Hindi literature.

Her contributions also include research articles published in various esteemed journals and edited books. Her exploration of the song tradition in the Hadauti region was featured in the magazine "Bhasha Vimarsh," published by the Central Hindi Institute, Agra. With over 100 research articles to her name, she has contributed extensively to journals such as "Indraprast Bharti," "Sada Neera," "Madhumati," and "Sahitya Prabha," among others.

Participation in seminars has been a hallmark of Dr. Sharma's academic journey. She has been a dynamic presence in more than 150 international and national seminars and workshops held across different states. Her scholarly papers have explored diverse themes, ranging from paradigms of the novel and disabled consciousness in post-independence literature, to the impact of globalization on Indian family structures and the intersection of literature and human values.

Recognition for her outstanding contributions has not been far behind. Dr. Sharma was awarded the honorary title of Hindi Bhasha Vibhushan by Sahitya Mandal Nathdwara in September 2021. She received the Hindi Sahitya Sammelan Samman during its 60th session in March 2009, along with various other honors for her exceptional research and contributions.

Born on March 9, 1970, in Ajmer, Dr. Sharma holds a Ph.D. in Hindi and has been an influential figure in the academic realm since 1998. Currently serving as an Acharya in the Hindi Department of Government Girls College, Kota, she has been a guiding force for numerous research scholars, with several achieving their Ph.D. degrees under her mentorship. Besides her academic pursuits, she is an advocate for blood donation and an active participant in cultural and literary activities.

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