Successful treatment of the prematurely born child in PIMS Hospital

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24 Apr 23
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 Successful treatment of the prematurely born child in PIMS Hospital

Udaipur. Doctors at the Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Hospital, Umrada, have successfully treated a premature baby suffering from multiple complications.
PIMS Chairman Ashish Agarwal said that under the leadership of Dr. Ankitkumar Panchal, a newborn baby born in the 7th month was successfully sent home after being kept in NICU for two months. Weaning prematurely born infants to acceptable birth weight is complex and time-consuming. In these, infection and digestion of milk are the main obstacles. Along with this, the maturity of the lungs is also a big problem. This is called BPD (bronchopulmonary dysplasia). Mr. Agarwal said that the child's weight was deficient at birth. He was having difficulty breathing and was put on an artificial respiration machine. Problems with the digestion of milk in the baby, intestinal infection, jaundice, oxygen dependence, etc., which occur in premature babies, were seen and successfully treated. The child was discharged on the 61st day in full recovery. The child has been treated free of cost under the Chiranjeevi scheme. In this work, Dr. Vivek Parashar, Dr. Rahul Khatri, Dr. Pragi Dingra, Head of Department of Pediatrics, Residency Dr. Ujjwal, Dr. Amita, Dr. Vaishali, Dr. Tanay, Dr. Shubhajit along with Dr. Shubhajit, NICU in charge Ashok, Kuldeep, Rashi, Varsha, Aswathi, Deepak, Lokesh, Shiv, Rekha, Reena, Bhanwar, Mehnaz, Amit played essential roles.

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