PIMS Hospital Organizes Breast Cancer Awareness Program

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28 Oct 23
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PIMS Hospital Organizes Breast Cancer Awareness Program

Udaipur: On Saturday, Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Hospital in Umrada organized a breast cancer awareness program. The main speakers for the event were cancer surgeon Dr. Shailesh Patidar and cancer physician Dr. Sachin Jain. The event was attended by Vice-Chancellor Dr. J.K. Chhaparwal, Principal Dr. Suresh Goyal, Medical Superintendent Dr. Chanda Mathur, and Dr. Kamlesh Shekhawat.

Dr. Shailesh Patidar explained that October is observed as Breast Cancer Awareness Month every year. Breast cancer can affect anyone, but it is one of the leading causes of death among women. By creating awareness about breast cancer among women, they can potentially save themselves from this life-threatening disease. According to the World Health Organization, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, and it accounts for nearly 15% of all cancer-related deaths. The risk of breast cancer increases with age and can also have a hereditary component. Women with a family history of breast cancer are more likely to develop the disease. Other risk factors include being overweight, excessive alcohol consumption, using contraception with higher doses, early onset of menstruation, late pregnancy, an unhealthy lifestyle, and an unbalanced diet.

Dr. Sachin Jain mentioned that symptoms of breast cancer include lumps in the breast or armpit, redness of the breast skin, changes in the size or shape of the breast, inverted or leaking nipples, bloody discharge from the nipple, and sensations of pain or tightness in the breast. He further explained the four stages of cancer, with a 100% survival rate for stage 0 and stage 1 patients for five years. Stage 2 and stage 3 breast cancer patients have survival rates of approximately 93% and 72%, respectively, for five years. However, the chances of survival for stage 4 patients are only around 22%.

Dr. Jain emphasized that controlling body weight can help prevent breast cancer. Regular exercise, physical activity, yoga, meditation, balanced nutrition, increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, avoiding alcohol, quitting smoking, annual mammography screening after the age of 40, self-breast examination, vigilance for any changes, and timely treatment are essential in preventing breast cancer.


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