Controlling Diabetes through Medical Advice, Regular Check-ups, and Treatment

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16 Nov 23
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Controlling Diabetes through Medical Advice, Regular Check-ups, and Treatment

Udaipur. It is often said that good health leads to overall happiness. However, due to changing lifestyles in the modern era, diabetes (or Madhumeh) has emerged as a widespread epidemic. Recognizing the global impact of this disease, World Diabetes Day is being observed worldwide. As part of this initiative, Pacific Medical College and Hospital organized a workshop on diabetes during the Diabetes Awareness Week.

The program coordinator, Dr. Jagdish Vishnoi, highlighted that the inauguration of this workshop was attended by key figures such as PMCH Principal Dr. M.M. Mangal, Medical Superintendent Dr. R.K. Singh, Additional Principal Dr. Vinodini Varahade, Medicine Department Professor and Head Dr. K.R. Sharma, Dr. V.K. Goyal from the Medicine Department, Dr. Jagdish Vishnoi, Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department Dr. Rajrani Sharma, and Head of Pediatrics Department Dr. Ravi Bhatia.

In this workshop, Dr. V.K. Goyal discussed the causes, classification, and diagnosis of diabetes, while Dr. Jagdish Vishnoi elaborated on the management and diagnosis of diabetes during pregnancy. Dr. K.R. Sharma emphasized the importance of preventive measures and control of diabetes through medical advice, regular check-ups, and treatment.

During the workshop held as part of the Diabetes Awareness Week, diabetes specialist Dr. R.K. Sharma stated that in India alone, there are approximately 100 million diabetic patients, with 90% being Type 2 diabetic. He emphasized that 50% of people with diabetes are unaware of their condition. Dr. Sharma stressed that timely medical advice, regular check-ups, and treatment are crucial for controlling blood sugar levels and preventing complications.

Nutrition specialist Dr. Inderprit provided insights into healthy eating for diabetic patients. As part of the Diabetes Awareness Week, a patient awareness dialogue was conducted, involving 390 patients and their relatives, providing them with information about diabetes and addressing their questions.

Rahul Agrawal, the Chairman of the institution, mentioned that awareness activities would continue until November 22, reaching hospitals and villages to educate people about diabetes and prevent future cases. Specialists from various departments, medical students, and doctors attended the event.


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