Successful Treatment of Split Cord Malformation in Udaipur at Paras Health

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13 Sep 23
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Successful Treatment of Split Cord Malformation in Udaipur at Paras Health

*Udaipur, Rajasthan* - Chanchal Kanwar, a 20-year-old resident of Udaipur, had been grappling with persistent lower back pain and uncomfortable tingling sensations radiating down her legs for several years. Despite the family's relentless efforts to find a solution, her condition remained undiagnosed and untreated. Frustration and despair grew until the family decided to seek medical guidance at Paras Health in Udaipur, a decision that would ultimately change Chanchal's life forever.

Upon arrival at Paras Health, the family consulted with Dr. Ajit Singh, a distinguished senior neurosurgeon renowned for his expertise in complex spinal surgeries. Dr. Singh immediately ordered a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan to delve deeper into Chanchal's condition, a decision that would prove to be pivotal.

The MRI results revealed an exceptionally rare medical anomaly known as "split cord malformation." This condition occurs in a mere 1 out of 5500 births, making it an extraordinary occurrence in its own right. What made Chanchal's case even more remarkable was that this condition had manifested itself at the age of 20, a rarity that added to the complexity of her situation. Left untreated, this condition could potentially lead to severe complications, including paralysis and the loss of bladder and bowel control.

Dr. Ajit Singh meticulously explained the intricacies of the condition to Chanchal's family. In this unusual disorder, a bony septum had developed within the spinal cord, effectively dividing it into two distinct sections. Moreover, this septum had adhered to the underlying nerve structures, exacerbating Chanchal's discomfort and pain.

Given the gravity of the situation, Dr. Singh recommended surgery as the most suitable course of action. What followed was a marathon surgical procedure lasting six grueling hours, during which the spinal cord was carefully separated and the obstructing bony septum removed. This intricate surgery demanded the use of advanced surgical techniques, including microscopic visualization and neuro-monitoring to safeguard Chanchal's delicate nervous system.

Remarkably, Chanchal experienced an almost immediate alleviation of her debilitating pain and discomfort post-surgery. The day following the procedure, she embarked on the journey to recovery by regaining the ability to walk.

It is worth noting that such surgeries are fraught with complexity and inherent risks, including the potential for stroke. Traditionally, these procedures were exclusive to metropolitan hospitals, but Paras Health in Udaipur has now firmly established itself as a center of excellence in handling such intricate surgical interventions.

Following her recovery, Chanchal Kanwar and her family expressed profound gratitude towards Dr. Ajit Singh and Paras Health's medical team. Chanchal shared that the surgery had given her a new lease on life, a hope that had dwindled over the years. She extended her heartfelt thanks to Dr. Ajit Singh. She conveyed her immense appreciation to the entire hospital staff for their dedication and expertise that had restored her health and well-being.

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