Special Vigilance on Vulnerable Pockets: District Election Officer

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03 Nov 23
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Special Vigilance on Vulnerable Pockets: District Election Officer

Sri Ganganagar  - The District Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Anshdeep, has stated that officials are conducting continuous visits to vulnerable pockets in the 6 legislative constituencies of the Ganganagar region. This is to ensure that the general public can cast their votes without any fear, and every effort will be made to prevent any interference in the voting process.

Both the District Collector, Mr. Anshdeep, and the Police Superintendent, Mr. Vikas Sharma, addressed a joint press conference held at the Collectorate Sabha Hall on Thursday concerning the elections. Mr. Anshdeep, the District Election Officer, shared that they have visited several vulnerable pockets in various legislative constituencies. These areas are being surveyed by the returning officers and are being subjected to additional security measures.

He also mentioned that the enrollment process began on October 30, and voter lists are available at all RO offices. Online information is accessible as well. Form 12-D for home voting is being distributed via postal ballots, with approximately 2091 such ballots being sent out. The first phase of voting will take place on November 14, and the second phase will be on November 20 and 21. Postal ballots can be used by government employees in other districts. The VVPAT randomization for the Assembly-wise first phase will be conducted today, and booth allocation by EVM will take place after this. This information will be shared with political parties as well.

The District Collector also mentioned that the first phase of training for election personnel has already been conducted, and the second phase will be delivered soon. Personnel will receive thorough training. In the case of any staff showing negligence in election-related tasks, the necessary action will be taken. Any irregularities or malpractices related to election activity will also be dealt with efficiently.

Police Superintendent Mr. Vikas Sharma emphasized that extensive preparations have been made for the 2023 General Assembly Elections, with special attention to border areas. Mobile parties are visiting various polling stations and sensitive areas to ensure that the election is conducted in a free, fair, and fearless manner. He warned that individuals transporting more than ten lakh rupees in cash should have proper documentation to avoid any inconvenience. If a significant amount is seized, IT officials will be informed.

He also pointed out that over a crore in cash has been seized so far, and seizures of narcotics and other contraband exceeding ten crores have been made. Action is being taken against major drug traffickers, who are the kingpins of the drug trade.


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