OPES Act to Provide Government Employees Relief from Pension Concerns: Ankur Maglani

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16 Nov 23
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OPES Act to Provide Government Employees Relief from Pension Concerns: Ankur Maglani

Sriganganagar - Congress candidate Ankur Maglani assured retired and retiring government employees and officials that they need not worry about their pensions. He stated that if the Congress government returns to power in the state, it will enact the Old Pension Scheme (OPES) into law, preventing any future government from making changes to it. Under this scheme, retirees will continue to receive their pensions as per the existing system. Rajasthan became the first state in the country to implement OPES after Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot's announcement, and now Congress vows to include OPES in the seven guarantees promised upon returning to power.

Ankur Maglani addressed a gathering behind Tak Colony in Tak Colony, organized in his honor by retired government officers and employees. The meeting saw a significant presence of retired officers and employees, along with esteemed citizens from the original OBC community. They openly expressed their support for Ankur Maglani, demonstrating deep faith in the Congress party.

The meeting, presided over by retired Assistant Engineer Mahaveer Prasad Tak, witnessed the presence of former Progressive Kumhar Sabha President Jasram Tak, Advocates Mohanlal Mahar, Sarpanch Representative Bhagirath Tak, Retired Tehsildar Madanlal Lohara, Chief Principal Ram Singh Dahia, Former Up-Sarpanch of Nathwali Lachhiram Laduna, Retired Labor Inspector Raghuvir Bhobharia, Subhash Moyel, Retired Principal Subhash Maletia, Ved Prakash Dhundhada, Shabir Khan of Khan Cement Agency, Kashiram Khatodi, Retired DEO Nathuram Sabbarwal, Retired Assistant Engineer Bhupram Tak, Bhadararam Kukana Saharanwali, Rupram Rawana, Sardulsingh Pansian, Somdutt Mandawariya Advocate, Briglal Mangalawat, Ramesh Kumar Padpaga, Retired Assistant Engineer Shugar Mill Shriram Gilhotra, Retired Ayurvedic Department Employee Prithviram Singhmar, Retired Assistant Engineer Vidhyut Kantasingh Dhilon, Retired Police Inspector Sukhvinder Singh Ghodela, Rajasthan University Student Union's Former President and Pradesh Congress Secretary Vikram Swami, Dr. Tarachand Limba, Limbawali, Malkiyatsingh Kirodiwala, Nathuram Retired Irrigation Department Employee, Omprakash Nokhawal, Sohanlal Chandora, Dharampal Mistri, and Ramesh Kukkda were also present.

Mahaveer Prasad Tak, in his address, expressed deep faith in Congress and urged Ankur Maglani to emerge victorious. Former Sarpanch Kiran Kumar Jaga also addressed the gathering.


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