Baba Ramdevra Fair to Begin with Religious Rituals and Golden Crown Installation

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16 Sep 23
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Baba Ramdevra Fair to Begin with Religious Rituals and Golden Crown Installation

Jaisalmer, The 639th Baba Ramdevra Fair, a renowned religious fair, is set to commence in an organized manner on Sunday, September 17, which marks the appearance day of Baba Ramdev, the Kal Yuga incarnation of Lord Dwarkadheesh Shri Krishna. The fair will begin with the Mangla Aarti (morning ritual) and the installation of a golden crown on Baba Ramdev's Samadhi (memorial) in Ramdevra.

District Collector Ashish Gupta revealed that preparations for the fair began well in advance, keeping in mind the increasing number of devotees attending the fair every year. The district administration, police, and fair organizers have been working together to ensure the smooth functioning of the event.

Gupta explained that under the guidance of Divisional Commissioner B.L. Mehra and I.G. Jaynarayan Sher, various meetings were held to make crucial decisions regarding crowd management, security, and the overall organization of the fair. A comprehensive plan was implemented to monitor all fair activities, and close-circuit cameras were installed to keep a vigilant eye on the proceedings.

He also emphasized the arrangements made to provide devotees with clean and hygienic food and ensure that food samples are regularly tested. The Health Department and food inspectors are conducting regular checks on the food stalls.

District Police Superintendent Vikas Sangwan stated that extensive security measures have been implemented to manage the many pilgrims attending the fair. Adequate police personnel have been deployed to maintain law and order. Special attention has been given to ensuring the safety and security of visitors.

Pokaran Gopal Parihar, the fair administrator, mentioned that this year, 25 walkie-talkies have been purchased to improve communication among key officials overseeing various aspects of the fair. He also highlighted the installation of grills and fences around Ram Sarovar, the holy pond, to prevent any untoward incidents.

Additionally, proper parking facilities have been organized to ensure the safety of vehicles belonging to fairgoers. Designated parking areas for vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, have been marked.

Public toilets and temporary restrooms have been set up to accommodate the needs of the pilgrims. All the administrative decisions and arrangements have been made to ensure the smooth and successful conduct of the fair.

The Baba Ramdevra Fair attracts many devotees who come to pay their respects and seek blessings. It is known for its serene atmosphere and the pilgrimage to other religious sites in the region. The authorities are working diligently to make this year's fair a safe and spiritually fulfilling experience for all attendees.

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