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24 Aug 21
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DR. Prabhat kumar singhal


The largest island is renovated to construct the Nehru Park. Nehru Park is designed to offer lush green gardens and serene environment to relax. A small zoo on this island accommodates many species of birds and animals.The boat-shaped restaurant on this island is a visual retreat. The moment you see the restaurant, you will be magically drawn towards it. The gorgeous water fountains carved out of colossal marble slabs, and huge palm trees add to your luxurious experience.The second largest island is converted into a public park for recreation and fun activities. The most attractive feature of this park is the jet water mountain which, when lit in the evening is a site worth a million dollar.The Nehru park is accessible by in board motor boats. The blue waters of the lake and the backdrop of the green mountains has given the soubriquet of "the second Kashmir" to Udaipur. At night, when the garden showers with colourful lights and rays falling in lake, the whole sceinario becomes eye-catching. It looks so beautiful that the visitors want to capture the surroundings in their hearts forever.

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